Radiates Inside and Out

By Jo Phillips

A beautiful burden. Could be an expression for the creative process? The wonderful gift of creativity, whether it is involved in the making of art, or music, writing or sewing, Tarot reading, or directing a film, it all involves a certain ‘giving’ of oneself. In many ways, true artistry comes when the ego is able to step aside. Then the channeling of the creative process just flows. However, it takes its toll. It’s hard on the mind, body, and spirit, so it’s important to balance oneself and to look for advice and care from others when needed. Step up The Wellness Foundry, led by Fiongal Greenlaw, a Tarot Reader, Psychic Artist, and Spiritual Adviser. His mission is to make intuitive practices available to all, for he believes it is the greatest path to healing, clarity, and growth, it’s about who to radiate inside and out. Good mental physical and spiritual health, glows from our very core and radiates not just from out outside but glistens our inner beauty, creativity, and our very wonderful humanness too.


We asked Fiongal for some insight behind what he does and how he works, as he spent over eight years working in the fashion industry only to find himself burnt out even ending up with a bout in hospital for five days due to extreme stress.


Thus began his journey to find a solution. Starting with acupuncture, then discovering Reiki and yoga, which went on to lead him on towards further spiritual and psychic exploration.

The transformation was so complete that he was driven to share these treatments with others. Hence in 2018, he set up The Wellness Foundry, London in 2018. There is nothing like a first-person insight. Here Fiongal shares his thoughts with us


.Cent: How did you first get in touch with your own spiritual power and was it something you were always aware you had?

Fiongal: Not at all, this recognition only came when I was around 28 years old. But looking back, I know now that I was actually far more intuitive than I realized. Even though I had never been taught by my parents or otherwise, about intuition or spirituality, something inherent in me was trying to get out: For example, I used to try and astral project in my early teens! And I instinctively knew when people were lying, beyond the everyday sense. I’d totally forgotten about these abilities until I revisited my spiritual life in my 30s. I didn’t read it in a book or anything, it’s just something I instinctively tried to do. Now it seems obvious to me that I have always had this spiritual curiosity, I just didn’t know until much later in life how to explore and expand this side of me.


.Cent: How did you learn to develop your own power and how did it help your creative process?

Fiongal: My journey to my strengthening my intuitive abilities hasn’t been a straight line. First, I discovered acupuncture, which taught me how to understand energy. Then I went onto Reiki, then Tarot then finally to Psychic and Mediumship studies. I could never have predicted how this would influence my creative process. Firstly, I am starting to blend my spirituality with my artistic side, for instance, I am creating my own Tarot deck amongst other projects. But also, I find that the ideas come through more spontaneously and with greater flow.


.Cent: When using tarot cards what pack do you use and do you know anything about the history of the cards themselves?

Fiongal: My go-to is the Rider-Waite Smith deck. This is the most ubiquitous deck for a reason: it was the first deck to attribute illustrations to every card, particularly the Minor Arcana cards – AKA the pip cards. This Rider Waite deck was designed by mystic and academic A. E. Waite and illustrated by Pamela ’Pixie’ Smith, who were both members of the Hermetic Golden Dawn, an English occult group from the turn of the last century. Initially, the deck was always referred to as the ‘Rider-Waite’ deck, completely overlooking the incredible contribution by Pamela Smith, sadder still is she died in abject poverty. So, I think it’s essential that her work is recognised.

.Cent: What is a spirit portrait?

A spirit portrait is when a psychic medium draws the face of either a Spirit Guide or Loved One – alive or passed – who comes through in a sitting. For instance, I have drawn portraits of husbands, grandmothers, friends and Guides. This information is obtained solely through psychic and mediumship means, i.e. without the use of a photograph or any prior knowledge of the depicted individual.


.Cent: For creative people who are often ‘in the clouds’ and not grounded; What are good steps first to get grounded, and also to get in touch with their inner knowledge and inner wisdom?

Fiongal: I love this question. I run several Intuitive Development Circles and the first thing I teach any of my students is to ground and to maintain their energies. In layman’s terms, be grounded is to be in your body, in the present moment and connected with Mother Earth. There is a common misconception, one I myself believed in for a long time, that being ‘in the clouds’ was not only necessary for creativity but actually a good thing. But this belief system led to quite a serious bout of illness – the dangers of being perpetually ungrounded is one thing that doesn’t often get spoken about. Also, it doesn’t hamper or limit your creativity, but rather gives you a solid foundation from which to aim higher. The simplest technique for grounding is to get into nature; this is vitally important and diminishing rapidly in our culture, especially if we’re an urbanite. Find your favourite tree and sit at its trunk and imagine connecting with the tree’s roots, sending your energy down through your body. Do this for seven consecutive days to develop a sense of being truly grounded, and then continue to do this as and when you need it.

.Cent: As creative people, we (I think) get our ideas by let’s say ‘connecting with our higher selves’. Do you agree?

Fiongal: I absolutely agree. I worked in fashion for eight years before starting The Wellness Foundry. Looking back on some of the experiences I now know that I was channeling some of the best ideas; when I was able to get my ego out of the way and just allow the creativity to flow without worrying about the results, I could do my best work. That was a connection to the divine in action. Even to this day, I say creativity and psychicism are sisters: they both governed by the right-side brain and are concerned with understanding the more profound things in life.

As a former creative working in fashion Fiongal understands on n intuitive level the needs of creatives who suffer the hills and rallies of the creative process and is here to give soothing and insightful support. With his soft Irish lit feel in safe hands when working with him.


The Wellness Foundry offers, Tarot/Psychic Reading (video or face to face), Guide Reading/Spirit Portrait, and Past-Life Regression are all on offer for prices and bookings please visit The Wellness Foundry bookings page here

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