A Coat of Glitter

By Keny Kakadia

Art is a way to express emotions; a moment of time spent to explore feelings, ideas and concepts. In this month of sparkles and shimmer where we see emitted rays of glorious shine, glimmer and gold. Let’s celebrate the chemistry of art and glitter together by acknowledging a few magnificent artists who embraced glitter and shine in their works. They are unparalleled and talented in their own ways. In A Coat of Glitter you will find out about sparkling art and the artists involved meet a hand full of glitter here.

Ebony G. Patterson, is a Jamaica-born mixed-media artist. She creates colourful tapestries outlining the transformations of gender and body. Her art is blended with materials like glitter, sequins, fabric, toys, beads, faux flowers, jewellery, and many other embellishments. Patterson has presented her insulation in many art galleries, but the most recognised one was in 2016 at the Museum of Arts and Design, the art was called “Gangstas for Life series, in which she incorporated several commercially-woven Jacquard weavings with jewels and flowers in which she used restaged images of photographs that had been taken of murder victims in Jamaica. Another one at Arkansas Arts Center, the art is from the “Disciplez” Series and then “Strange Fruit” art at Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina and she has achieved so much more.

Sara Shakeel is a talented contemporary Pakistani artist. She usually creates both digital and physical collages of photography. Shakeel art is always sparkling with glitters and shimmers. she superimposed gold glitter, Swarovski crystals, and galaxies onto images of stretch marks on the female body. By covering these stretch marks in glitter and crystals, she believes in promoting body positivity and empowerment. she turns woman’s body imperfections into an art. In 2019, Shakeel collaborated with Reebok to create an ad for their body image awareness campaign in which she covered the muscles of athlete Jamie Green with Swarovski crystals in order to spread the message women’s bodies are strong and beautiful. First gained fame through Instagram with over one million followers. Then in 2019 she released a capsule clothing collection in collaboration with the London-based retailer at Browns as well as displaying her piece in The Great Supper store.

Everything simple ft Bella Hadid by Sara Shakeel from Instagram.

John M Armleder he is Co-founder of the Ecart Group (1969) and closely affiliated with the Fluxus movement since 1960 he created a polymorphic body of work which encompasses performance, drawings, sculptures and paintings. Generally characterized by a sense of deep interconnectedness between life and art, and the appropriation of objects and quotes, with monochrome or abstract paintings, his work is loaded with metallic colours and paints. Armleder gained international recognition with his Furniture Sculptureseries from 1979, bringing together iconic examples of design and paintings to reflect on the trivialization of the artwork as an ornamental accessory. The artist is also recognized for his celebrated series of Pour and Puddle Painting. He presented his work at  Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland. In the winter of 2006-2007, a large exhibition including works from all eras of his career was shown at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mamco) in Geneva, Switzerland. In April 2013, the Dairy Art Centre in London opened its doors with a large solo show paying tribute to Armleder’s oeuvre. He often uses a dense scenographic hanging style, putting individual works into close proximity and creating installation-like exhibitions.

John Armleder 2017 mixed media on canvas painting at David Kordansky Gallery

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement. Klimt is symbolised for his paintings, murals, sketches, and other objects d’art. His primary subject was the female body, and his works are marked by a frank eroticism. Klimt was the most influenced by Japanese art methods. His Symbolist pastiches of pale nudes, allegorical gardens and erotic content served as the basis for many American psychedelic poster designs in the 1960s. Early his paintings narrated on heavy subjects such as anxiety, doubt, sexuality, and death, but in later years, he turned toward landscape painting, exploring light and abstract patterns of nature. His most famous paintings are The Kiss(1907) and Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (1907), which sold for a record auction price of more than 100 million dollars in 2006. Klimt uses materials such as cut opaline glass buttons, the cut, transparent stained glass set into the metal, the small mirrored plates, the mother-of-pearl buttons and the hollow brass rings used as applications. Additionally, Klimt used casein paint on dried plaster. Once dry, the colours look matt, increasing the brilliant effect and radiance of the gold and silver to reflect the golden era.

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This artist speaks the language of sparkles shin and shimmer in their art which reflects joy and celebration which is eyecatching mesmerizing and stunning in texture.

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