A Dabs Staple

By Jo Phillips

A cream slice? sneaker? trainer? dabs? soldiers? dope boys? Terms for sports shoes that are not just part of our common parlance but are part or more or less everyone’s wardrobes. A staple, that grew, like so much through science via streetwear culture and hip hop music all the way to the catwalk. And every respectable designer has a decent collection of sports shoes each season Meet the new Collection from Alexander McQueen here in A Dabs Staple.

In case you were not aware this style of footwear has been around far longer than most of us know. Its beginnings are from 1839, when an American scientist named Charles Goodyear invented vulcanised rubber: a process to make rubber a pliable substance, and one that was also both waterproof and mouldable.

Applied to shoes several decades later , this technique was used primarily for plimsolls, variations of which have been around since the early 19th century, the and so the ancestor to the modern-day sneaker was born.

Bringing it up to date this season the new collection of sneakers from Alexander McQueen are called the Sprint Runner.

Created in myriad iterations for the new season and coming in classic in all-white, all-black and black and white leather, the sneaker is also available in canvas variations in bone, navy and red.

Why do we love them so? Lets be honest they are comfortable, and many of us to love our Dabs to be literally box fresh.

So what ever your choice be it Runners, Beaters or may be Crepes know a little more of your history next time you don your besties.

Follow this link below to buy the next collection from Alexander McQueen in store.

alexanderMcqueen.com WOMEN’S  or MEN’S

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