A Perfumed Trail

By Chloe Mercier-Legros

A Perfumed Trail takes us on a journey through landscapes both high and low, rich and golden, sapphire bright, yet also into dark dark darkest greenery and woods, where magic happens. Alive with scent we live our lives to the fullest as we whirl on through this scented journey.  Find out where we start and stop on A perfumed trail.

Image Abi Perkins

The towering treasure chest, like a giant sequoia tree, made of the thickest of dark, veined wood. On touch, the wood feels hard, rough, textured. Embedded with diamonds in the rough, laced with sparkling belts of sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, all glittering through moving vapours of smoke escaping below the lid. The black steam glides all around, tickling the gleaming sparks of the precious stones, creating a shifting envelope.  

A Perfumed Trail 1

The lid opens slowly, as an invitation pulling you into the smoke, it draws, enticing further, filling up the nose with the sweet and bitter aroma of rich cocoa. Fascinated, embedded with the raw smell of tobacco, yet suddenly, the added fragrance of rum and spices is surrounded by the whirling smoke. In this cocoon, gilded by smoke, life is its rawest most perfect form. Building up, the emotions hit their peak, creating a mesmerizing wave of sensations…

Then a fall, unhurried, across the sapphire blue sky, floating through fresh cotton clouds, their white and soft bubbles caressing the skin before melting. The landing is steady, on top of a snowy mountain, in the middle of the coldest winter, one foot on the crispy ice, another plunged, in the fluffy snow.

High, high up yet overlooking the most majestic cypress forest. The tip of each tree covered in a light coat of white powdered-sugar snow contrasts with the deep shadows of greens and browns they caress. On top of this world, the purest air and the essence of all trees are joined in one breath. Far away, winged creatures, carried by the wind, dive up and down from up above.

A Perfumed Trail 2

The frozen scenery, a slow climb down the mountain’s spiralling path. The sun extends its arms, grazing on the ground, revealing tiny spikes of violet leaves peeking out, just broken out from their icy prison, still shivering from their long hibernation, while the white air is mingling with the clary sage and playing with the cedar wood. Spring is born in an instant. Music is everywhere, tiny bees buzzing around, bouncing from flower to flower, leaving behind the hypnotic sound of their humming. Bird’s singing ricochets on the mountain stones and echoes.

Now, moving forward, the sun is highest in the sky, the grass is greener than ever, and the bushes shake with the passing of animals. The slope has ended, and now the river stretches out into the fields. The contrast with the mountain is striking, every corner around is bustling with life. Over here, a fox is running across a hill. Over there, a deer gently lowers its head and sips the crystal-clear water of a pond, in between waterlilies idly floating around the reflection of juicy yuzus and lemons hanging above the river from trees. The light breeze creates little waves and brings out the hidden odour of spicey nutmeg and rooty vetiver grasses. The urge of following this smell is strong, it’s a call for a treasure hunt.

Deeper into this lively scenery, the scent leads to an orchard. Wandering through is enchanting, embracing the smells of neroli blossoms mixed with the ripped figs splattered on a blanket of clovers and basil. It’s a banquet for the creatures of the land, a crossing point in this wilderness.

Eager to continue this journey, after the meadow, the woodland comes to an end. A last tree displays its refreshing shadow. Stepping out of its protective aura, the heat of the summer falls. In the middle of the wild fields, a single path clears out, sprinkled with little white rocks. Dancing on each side, like a guard of honour, thousands of peonies lay. The land is endlessly covered in light, radiant pink dots, and the air is sweet and fresh. The spiky fragrance of white raspberry hedges brings out just enough sourness, and the mix is enchanting. A hare races down, drawing a zigzag across the land, and disappears as fast as he burst.

As the hours go by, dusk’s golden filter fills up the atmosphere. Worn out, the vision of two apple trees stretching out their branches towards one another looks appealing. Sliding past the first one, the smell of its mossy bark, ribbed by an apricot sap lingers in the nose. Leaning back against the second tree is a wonder, comfortably sitting on a cushion of vanilla orchids. The sugary aroma and the apple blossom are reunited in a flawless final breath, like an inhaled dessert, concluding this perfumed trail.

This Perfumed trail actually starts with the Serge Lutens “écrin de fumée” eau de parfum. The top notes are sweet and sensual, with Cocoa, the heart note is intense and smoky with Tobacco, and the base notes are spicy and heated with Rum. It’s an invitation to live life to the full, not only in touch, feel and scent but with emotions too.

We then landed in the world of the Moncler “La cordée à la cime des cyprès” eau de parfum. The top note, with Coriander, is most refreshing, the heart note is powerful with White Musk, and the base note is profound, with Moss. Its scent is quite particular: It’s not about a single tree, it’s the scent of an entire forest captured upon the top of a mountain.

Down the mountain with the Montblanc “explorer platinum” eau de parfum. This perfume’s top notes are floral, thanks to Violet Leaves, then the Clary Sage takes over, and the base note is Cedar Woods. This is a sparkling and adventurous fragrance.

We travelled through nature with Issey Miyake “L’eau d’Issey pour homme” eau de toilette. The perfume reveals itself in three steps: first, you are refreshed with its fruity fragrance of Citrus and Yuzu, then you are delighted with the aquatic aroma of Waterlilies, and finally, you are charmed by the masculine mix of Nutmeg, Vetiver, Santal Wood, and Amber. This is a timeless and elegant piece, yet humble and authentic.

In the meadow we were accompagnied by the Guerlain “Aqua Allegoria – Nerolia vétiver” eau de parfum. The top note is fresh Basil Leaf, the heart note is Fig and Roses, and the base note is Neroli Flower. This is a dazzling signature scent, a celebration of the wonders of nature.

We continued further with the Issey Miyake ” L’eau d’Issey ” eau de toilette. This fragrance combines a watery freshness with the smell of Peonies, enhanced by the fruity, acidic smell of White Raspberries. It’s a joyful fragrance, light and radiant, timeless and delicate, cleverly contrasted.

Image Courtesy of Michael Cromer Munich

We rested by the apple trees with the MCM “Ultra” eau de parfum. The delicious top note is from Apple Blossoms, enhanced by an Apricot-Nectar heart. The base is earthy, with intense Tonka-Bean-infused Moss. This fragrance is rich, lush, and filled with passion.

This Perfumed Trail ended with the Billie Eilish “Eilish no2” eau de parfum. Its sweetness is undeniable, starting with sweet Apple, but this perfume is also intense, thanks to Black Pepper and Santal Wood. The base note is warming, with the gourmet aroma of Vanilla.

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