A Rosey Glow; At Chanel, it’s Snowing Sparkles

By Jo Phillips

Little fragments of sparkling white drift and drop leaving a crystal white floor on a cold winter’s day. Out in the countryside, wrapped up in multiple layers, a walk in the dreamy snow can be refreshing but you are always glad to get inside of the warmth of a roaring fire or central heating. There is that moment, the moment when the heat hits your cheeks and they flush pink with vitality. Make that glow last for a whole season, find out more in, A Rosey Glow; At Chanel, it’s Snowing Sparkles

The rosy glow that comes to our faces from outside in, looks wealthy and healthy. But we can’t keep going out into the cold just to pop back in with vitality across our faces. Worry not the latest collection from Chanel Beauté solves that for you; a sparking array of frosty soft colours that bring the shimmer from outside to in. Meet Les Beiges Winter Glow.

Starting out, meet two delicate tones of Le Vernis nail polish. A bright white is called Glaciale and its non-identical twin is a light candy soft pink called Skieuse. Both hold the slightest shimmer to give a glow when worn.

Concentrated radiance for the skin comes in three shades. Here is where the glowing skin takes its first steps toward light. The primers feature a creamy yet light formula that livens the complexion.

It blurs imperfections as well as plumping the skin and comes in three shades, a white with an iridescent lilac, a shimmery beige with a touch of peach freshness, and a beige with a touch of copper pink for a subtle glimmering softness.

We always talk of glowing cheeks those raised pink mounds that bring health to any face, whether a blushing bride or a glowing grandma. This season find three tones in Healthy Winter Glow Blush from the Les Beige collection.

To celebrate this time of year each of the three palettes comes embossed with a single snowflake. A reminder that a brisk walk in the snow does wonders for our complex or just cheat with some blush. Fresh pink called Rose Polaire, coral pink named Corail Givré, and a mauve pink Mauve Glacé means there is a match for each and every skin tone.

Want to puck up for a juicy kiss in this chilly season? Then keeping your lips moist and cared for is important. A nourishing lipstick is at hand in four colourways.

The Rouge Coco Baume does as its name says give a balm to the lips coating them with silky conditioner. Gliding over lips as easily as ski shoes on a snowy mountain. Instant hydration has a soft glow to it, from a tender Chilling Pink to an Icy Mauve via Beige and a deep pink with a brown hue. Lip subtly shines, coated in care, bringing radiance to the whole complexion.

Last but not least never forget the eyes should sparkle full of life. Five shades of pink help shimmery lids look vital. Les Beiges Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow palette brings an array of pinky tones to life.

The five cool pink shades glide on effortlessly but hold in place, so now dried-out cracked eyeshadows here. Blend the colours seamlessly or use for definition, or just a hint of colour and shine. From a pinky beige via a slightly blush tone to frosted pink, pale pink with a final flourish of soft aubergine. Subtle and pearlescent, tonal and yet bringing a healthy glow to ensure eyes are bright and alive.

This collection of soft tones is very buildable, use just a touch for a slight glow, or go fuller when full-on sparkle is needed. Buildability means a light touch or a bolder depth can be achieved.

Yes, it’s cold outside and there may well be snow where you are but that doesn’t mean you can’t sparkle. Also just to bear in mind this particular palette of colours slides perfectly into the light days of spring to come in the next few weeks. So go all on for sun and snow now and a sunny glow for a touch of sun and spring in a few weeks. This collection will see you through.

Find Les Beiges Winter Glow here at Chanel.Com

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