A Sparkling Morning

By Adlin Pinto

It was a cold winter morning. Olivia woke up long before the sun came up on Christmas morning. After several failed attempts to make Daniel get out of bed she gave up and headed downstairs alone, she loved Christmas and just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to sleep in since there was so much excitement in the air. She went into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee, there she noticed a gift box with some shiny packaging and her name written on a beautiful golden tag. Enjoy reading A Sparkling morning here.

How thoughtful she noticed herself thinking of Daniel to do this. Leaving a present almost like a pre-Christmas present by the kettle knowing she would be the first one up, she would be the one to make the morning’s hot drink not him. It must have been a way for him to make up for the fact that he was never very good first thing in the morning. Being like an excited little kitten given a ball of string she didn’t hesitate to tear open the paper. The moment she unwrapped the gift she was treated to some beautiful minimalistic black packaging. She unwrapped three boxes to find her delight three items of Suqqu make up.

There were a blush, lipstick and an eye palette. The first box, a lipstick called fog, a perfect rusty red, a colour she loved more than any. The slick black container edged with gold gave way to a matte dusty red tone, perfect for Christmas day. The next box was a pure colour blush palette 124 with a beautiful ombre shaded pink to highlight yellow tones. She new this blush had loved it from a distance. It created pure colouration and a clear radiance. The last box was an eye palette called signature coloured eye 03, opening the case her eyes were almost starting by the shimmer given off by the soft golden tones from light gold through to warm orange-gold via a brown gold to a dark brown metallic shadow it was the perfect set to paint her eyes for a rather special Christmas day.

Ok it wasn’t quite the time for makeup but she knew at that point she would find a little time for herself to sit down and enjoy painting her face with these most precious of makeup items so thoughtfully picked out by Daniel. But one quick thing before leaving the kitchen with the coffee on the tray to take back to bed for them both. Looking into the mirror reflection from the oven she took out the lipstick and applied one coat. Well she had to greet him now with the biggest and most beautiful smile she could muster.


SUQQU’s colour collection each given a beautiful name reflect four seasons. The colours are fresh yet mysterious, fragile yet vivid that provide new expression on your face. It enhances your creativity and gives you joy of makeup looking into a mirror everyday.

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