A Whiff Of Well-being

By Fleur Chattillon

Everybody needs self-care. What that entails is different for all. It could be a day at the spa, a vacation to a warm resort, a walk in nature or just a day at home on the couch. It all has to do with taking care of your well-being: A state of being happy, healthy, and prosperous. Luckily there are many ways to enjoy life to the fullest and wellness and nature play big parts in that. But what if you could experience the day at the spa, a vacation to Greece or a walk through nature all from the cosiness of your own home? Find out more In A Whiff Of Well-being.

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NEST New York, a fragrance brand with perfume, personal care, wellness, and technology collections, brings us a completely new scent in their Wellness collection, consisting of various scents in the form of diffuser mists and candles that take you on several journeys of well-being. They’ve also launched a new Wilderness collection and various other new scents.

Recognised by the fragrance industry as a game-changing Brand, founder Laura Slatkin has a unique approach to fragrance, artfully blending notes of the familiar, the exotic, and the unexpected, which make NEST a unique aroma experience.

At first, we are taken to the bohemian Greek Island of Santorini. You’ll find yourself in the large green olive groves on the top of a hill looking over the sea, with on the edge big lemon trees with zesty coloured lemons on them. The NEST New York Santorini Olive & Citron collection will transport you there. featuring notes of Fresh Lemon Zest, Mediterranean Olive Leaf blended with Creamy Avocado, and hints of Black Pepper.

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Then we set foot in a moonlit forest, where you can inhale the earthy woody aromas of the night. You smell the wet moss and fresh leaves. Introducing the Wilderness collection with the smells of Midnight Moss & Vetiver. Featuring notes of Wild Tree Moss, Crushed Patchouli Leaves, and Vetiver enhanced by an unexpected hint of Bergamot that lets you walk along woodland trails at midnight.

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Now we go to the real tropical island, palm trees and white beaches everywhere, the sun burning on your skin and a fresh coconut in hand, a real paradise. The smells of Coconut & Palm candles and diffusers, with tones of Crushed coconut and sparkling bergamot, are mingled with rich amber over a base of vanilla-infused musk in this exquisitely scented home fragrance collection.

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Finally, let’s recharge with a day at the spa to relax and brighten your mood. Everywhere you go there is a serene energy. Then you walk past this wonderfully smelling herbal bath. Notes such as Lime zest, Green tea, Clary Sage and Bergamot rise into your nose. After going into to bath it leaves you feeling refreshed and motivated. The new Lime Zest & Matcha smell from the Wellness collection is all about this.

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All of these smells and various collections of NEST take you on the journey of your well-being that you want to take, whichever one you may choose is completely up to you.

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The Coconut & Palm is due to launch very soon but isn’t available as yet.

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