A woman’s worth

By Melinda Aissani

Meet two newly released perfumes, both perfect for summer. Both embody the image of an independent woman. A woman’s worth looks at both Venus of Verbena from Sana Jardin and Gabrielle Chanel Parfum, each focusing on a fragrance that reflects women who listen to themselves and assert themselves. A solar woman who fully expresses her personality and radiates, proving her independence and autonomy. To wear those fragrances is to bare your own intensity, to follow your own path and to feel alive and radiant.

Introducing Venus of Verbena from Sana Jardin, a local co-operative in Morocco vegan and elevated fragrance house. Sana Jardin is a socially conscious, luxury fragrance house. The brand contributes to the United Nations’ focus on sustainable development and empowerment for women. The goal is to highlight sustainable economic growth with full, productive employment and ensure sustainable production practices.

Venus of Verbena the new fragrance contains a fresh-floral scent. Reflecting a light, energizing and clean scent. The first fragrance with fresh green citrus mixed with zesty Italian lemon oil and a sparkling note of Litsea cubeba enveloped by soft musk and wrapping the heart of Neroli, Orange Flower. It all comes from Morocco and the Verbena herb means historically, healing and contentment which uplifts positivity and confidence.

Sana Jardin’s vision goes beyond our expectations. Focused on the future, and our new generation, by using clean and sustainable materials and ingredients. Indeed, the model is based on “flower recycling” as a vehicle for social impact.

The Sana Jardin company gives women the opportunity to build their careers by offering business skills training to the local women in Morocco, and even to become micro-entrepreneurs by producing and selling their own products. 

All of Sana’s brand cosmetic and personal care products are approved under the Cruelty-Free International Leaping Bunny programme. Made with pure, natural scents inspired by gardens, temples and palaces. But also in their packaging, the brand shows its support to encourage the recycling of their products. The bootle is transitioned with new bio-plastic caps for all 50ml bottles across the range, the caps are up-cycled from textile waste in the fashion industry. 

Chanel also released a new perfume, on the 1st of July online and in-store. The first time the fragrance Gabrielle CHANEL is launching as a Pure Parfum, revealed by the first solar accords of GABRIELLE CHANEL Eau de Parfum. An astonishing powerful and audacious interpretation.

The scent is set as a floral fragrance, as notes of intense jasmine, dazzling, fruity ylang-ylang, fresh and sparkling orange blossom, enveloping by the most bewitching of all flowers, the Grasse tuberose. Radiating throughout the fragrance, it gives it a warm and enveloping trail. This Tuberose; a bewitching sexy facet.

The fragrance is reinforced by vanilla extract and comforting sandalwood, the floral heart unfurls into a dense, harmonious and incredibly sensual fragrance trail. As a solar interpretation, luminous, gives it a warm and soft property. A perfume with a feminine aspect, as if wearing a jewel.

The bottle is square with bevelled edges, with a high-precision spray nozzle for precise and delicate application on the pulse points. Also, it is now available in a twist and spray format, for ease of carrying.

The fragrance perfectly reflects the image of Coco Chanel, a woman who made history by changing the rules. The trials of an orphaned youth and the successes of an accomplished businesswoman gave birth to an uncommon character, bold, free, ahead of her time. These values of the House of Channel remain an inspiration for all women.

Women’s empowerment is not just about fair pay, and fair rights but also fair choices. Most of us for all women to choose how they look and what scent they feel empowers them it is part of what they see as a women’s worth, after all, they are wearing it for themselves, not you.

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”-

Gabrielle ‘’coco’’ Chanel

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