Fly Higher

By Jo Phillips

The British Luxury Fashion House, Alexander McQueen has launched a new short film directed by Sophie Muller to promote the Sprint Runner sneakers collection released for the women’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Sophie Luise Elisabeth Muller is a British award-winning director and visual artist. She has worked closely with Alexander McQueen on a short film that brings pieces from the brand’s spring 2022 collection to life.
The film features models standing and moving at the top of a building in central London.
Muller has produced hundreds of music and fashion videos in her four-decade-long career. Find out more in Fly Higher

Images Matteo Colzani

The sneakers are presented as leather upper laced as well as an exaggerated rubber sole. It gives them simplified comfort. Several colours are available. The initials “A, M” of the brand Alexander McQueen, are written on the side decorated with a three-dimensional pattern.

The short film shows a strong, ambitious, sporty Mette Towley. A strong image of a woman inspired and staged with Mette’s fiercely beautiful physicality. But with a sophisticated and charming contrast, she is really quite chic and elegant too.

This contrast symbolises many things. Be willing to break the rules of having either modernity or classic styling; she is after all surrounded by corseted dress. Oversized silver metal hook-and-eye detailing and an asymmetric drape skirt in both black and tea rose satin. Almost a representation of a woman in all her forms. The short film is the ultimate expression female empowerment through clothing.

The sneakers are actually available for women and men of all ages and all sizes. Through this strong image of Mette, dancer, actress and musician, embodying ambition and pure optimism, she is a bewitching, exciting character. Ideally, she is demonstrating the vision of the designer who broke so many of the codes of fashion.

Absolute optimism and lightness in the short film. The lines, lightness and transparency sit against the finesse and its opposite side sporty, invulnerable and relentless. Where movements are flexible, precise, wild and tenacious. Making a suit almost voluptuous, where the model seems to fly and float in the air.

We see the ardour and boldness in the eyes of Mette. Always further. Always high. Wanting to reach the summit, with a straight back, a look upwards and gestures wanting to touch the clouds.

In the short film we can hear deep and strong breaths, showing Mette’s relentless efforts, which follow the movements of her body. The goal is to show her determination to always rise from the ground, for jumping to the top. This ruthless movement pays tribute to the body language of Mette and the vision of the brand.

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