Thank you Acqua Spirit

By Catarina Figueiredo Soares

Thank you togetherness, thank you love; all these beautiful emotions remind us of the goodness of life. Thank you Acqua di Parma for bringing these to life with some new products. They recently launched, forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma, Acqua Allegoria’s new collection as well as Grazie and Insieme. Find out more about the fragrances, here in Thank you Acqua Spirit.

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There is nothing like a wonderful scent to uplift and inspire. Italian scent and lifestyle brand Acqua di Parma have always contributed to this in the most vibrant way. With some newness we show you here, what is new to explore.

Starting off with a full-on Italian collaboration, with fashion label forte_forte, Acqua di Parma join forces to celebrate their most loved fragrance Mirto di Panarea. Both brands share a passion for the Made in Italy culture and craftsmanship.

The heart of the collection is the Mirto di Panarea fragrance in 100ml new format. The scent includes notes of Myrtle, Basil and Citrus; however, the star of the show is the sea breeze with Jasmine and Rose. The aesthetics created by forte_forte is a mythical landscape that features dragonflies and butterflies celebrating rebirth and freedom. The collection includes a fragrance, a candle and a discovery set (with three fragrances such as Mirto di Panarea, Arancia di Capri and Fico di Amalfi, 12 ml vials). A fragrant dream that joins together two Italian houses in a romantic dream.  

Never leaving Italian culture behind but evoking new emotions are the new Grazie and Insieme scents. Transmitting that living is art, these two fragrances invite you to be grateful, share and be close to those whom you love. Insieme (meaning together) is distinguished by its relaxing and cheerful scent that involves shining notes of Lemon joined with Musk and Neroli. 

Grazie (thank you) is a simple but rich word same as the fragrance that features accents of Bergamot, Rose petals and Ylang-Ylang. The aroma is reassuring as the warmth of love and joyful. These two fragrances from the Home Collection are available as a candle or a diffuser.  

Emanating a sense of togetherness in a unique fragrance is the new Colonia C.L.U.B. This lighthearted scent transmits its contemporary sensation through the freshness of Rosemary and Shiso. Freedom of life can be felt by the notes of musk and Cedarwood. The heart of the fragrance are the spiciness of black Pepper and pink berries, and the feeling of togetherness is transmitted through the opening notes of Bergamot and Lemon.

And just in case this was not enough lets introduce you to COLLAB, that was an open laboratory of sharing and exchange, where clients and emerging artists connect through art and scent in an interactive process of co-creating, that animated the Maison’s Milanese Boutique in Via Gesù 1 and was shown 4th to 10th of April.

A special Acqua di Parma initiative in partnership with one of the most important schools of fashion, design, visual arts and communication in Italy and internationally the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED), where six emerging Italian talents bring six different creative concepts of emotions and colours to life in a collection of 300 unique 180ml pieces from the Colonia Collection. An exclusive opportunity, available both in-store or online, to own collector’s pieces whether for self, or as bespoke gifts like no other.

This season, Acqua di Parma brought the Italian spirit and more to life. Feel free and enjoy the company of the ones you love, a true and consistent message in all these collections. Life is great when we are free and loved isn’t it? 

To discover more about the forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma here; for the Grazie and Insieme from the Home Collection here; and for the Colonia C.L.U.B here.

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