For The Love Of…

By Oumoukalsoum Diagne

Do you have a scent memory that is so good that the smell makes your olfactory system travel back or even forward to marvellous worlds ? This is the case when it comes to Carine’s life, a woman whose life smells of success, inspiration, strength, fierceness, and of course, love and pain. Find out more here in For the Love of

This is a woman whose inspiration came from her father’s love that had a great influence on her life. She achieved greatness in the world of fashion, from modelling to being an editor at French vogue via time at Elle magazine.  A truly great French institution she now has her own perfume line, but coming as would be expected from her, a collection that stands out in a full marketplace and one built around the people in her life. 

Meet Carine Rotfield and find out a little about her story and how she came to tell it via scent, and also about the newest edition to her perfume collection.

So who is she? A giant in the world of fashion whose interesting background influenced her greatly. She describes her childhood as wealthy and comfortable. Carine always had a huge admiration for her father, Jacques Rotfield (1989-1999) who was a film producer. 

This man was so special to her, someone who would forever live in her heart. Inspired by his elegance, his knowledge, his culture, it made her realise how much she wanted to be like him.  

Her Father’s family was from Odessa, which was in the Russian Empire at the time. Carine speaks proudly when it comes to her Russian background, that played an important role during her childhood. 

She debuted her career as a model when she was 18 years old, thanks to a photographer who pushed her into modelling. She modelled for an English magazine called Look Now, which was famous at that time, and from there she became a stylist for French Elle’s Magazine.

In 2001, she became Vogue’s editor-in-chief in Paris, she brought some innovations to the magazine that helped to increase the sales. In 2008, she became one of the 100 most influential celebrities according to Times.

Her life is a cocktail of all her influences and experiences, and it is this she poured into her fragrance collection; intense perfumes that sum up the mixture of her Russian and French heritage.

The collection is made up of seven different men in her life expressed through fragrance and the newest scent is an expression of herself.


Sebastian where her lover and the tango meet; it opens with immortelle alongside heady tuberose for a strong energetic beginning and meets in the middle and is soften off by watery floral notes merging at the base with creamy sandalwood and vanilla.

Orson a sensual fragrance highlighted by the presence of the petals of the hawthorn flower. She leans toward her lover, the smell emanated by him, amazed Carine

Vladimir This is about a family member, to be precise her son, where ingredients such as Iris, incense meet amber. A scent that gives life to both rigour and fluidity.

Kar Wai This scent comes from a contrast between violence and sensuality. The othmandus gives the sense of exploration into dangerous and romantics worlds.

George A love story born in a bookstore, the scent of cipher made the lovers initial meeting extraordinary.

Aurèlien When in the Sacrè Coeur, a romantic love was born, given via a touch of black and white, opposites attracted to one another.

Lawrence The note of Oud dominates this love, this is about a spicy perfume, a flamboyant fragrance.


She is transparent and conscious about herself, which makes this collection intimate, sensual and special. And so after consecrating seven perfumes to the men of her life, she decided to launch Carine, putting herself first, by telling Carine’s story via fragrance.

The idea for the collection came about because she wanted a portrait of herself, but maybe not a painting…

She says: it is my most intimate journey, laying myself bare. Opening the door to my emotions, my memories, my thoughts, my dreams, and my fantasies ”.

Carine’s fragrance is strong, special, and furthermore elegant, she is authentic, fierce and beautiful. The use of black patchouli teleports us into her past, from when she was an adolescent.

This perfume is dominated by fresh spices and pink pepper, however, the black patchouli is still one of her favourite ingredients so it’s the star of the show here, furthermore, the middle notes are the regal flowers Jasmine, Gardenia, and Rose. The base notes are dry earthy Vetiver, softest Cashmeran, and addictive Patchouli.

This perfume evokes freedom, and joy of discovery, it celebrates life itself, everything; unexpected. She put herself in this fragrance, it’s private at the same time open and sensual, and by doing so she shares herself in an extremely elegant way with the world.

If you would like to know more about Carine and her Perfume collection click here.

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