Once Upon a Time

By Lysandre Leconte

Once upon a time there was a lady called Annick Goutal. She was born in 1945 in the South of France. During her childhood, she was destined for a career as a pianist. But she decided to give up the piano and leave France for London. Then she started a new life as a model. But the next step in this whirlwind life was that she met a perfumer from the town of Grasse in France and he changed her life. With him, she discovered the world of perfumery, which became her greatest passion. Find out more in Once Upon a Time

In this ‘fairy story’ Annick Goutal skilfully mixed ingredients to create a style full of delicacy, freshness, and radiance and succeeded in making original and delicate perfumes that when she started really marked her out in the world of niche fragrance.

In 1981, our heroine in this story opened her first boutique in Paris and sold her early creations. The Goutal brand seduced the public and developed rapidly. Born thanks to her audacity and her courage. In 1985, she joined the Taittinger group and her perfumes became known internationally. It was then that she met the nose Isabelle Doyen an encounter that marked the beginning of a long and wonderful collaboration between two ‘queens’.

Distinguished and elegant, the brand entered the Top five American houses of niche perfumery in 1990’s.

In 1999, sadly she passed away and after Annick’s death, the house Goutal was taken over by her daughter, Camille Goutal who continues the tradition set by her mother with many new fragrances. And so the princess of this tale takes over from the queen.

Camille Goutal also shared the same bond as her mother with Isabelle Doyen too. Both of them keep the values passed on by Annick, working together perfectly to continue creating exceptional perfumes.

Once upon a time there was a perfume called L’Eau d’Hadrien. It still is one of his most famous creations from the house, inspired by the novel “Les Mémoires d’Hadrien” by Marguerite Yourcenar. Based on cypress, lemon, grapefruit and basil, this combination of scents takes us on a journey to Italy and the summer.

It was the perfume loved by many famous personalities, like Catherine Deneuve, François Mitterrand. Also Princess Diana was given a box when Prince Harry was born. “L’Eau d’Hadrien” became a world-famous cult perfume.

Once upon a time Annick Goutal used her emotions to create fragrances. She was inspired by what she felt would meld to create the perfect scent. She transformed emotions and moods into unique fragrances. Her perfumes were and still are extremely refined using excellent raw materials that represent the values of the brand; emotions, creativity, and authenticity. Through her perfumes, her generosity and true gift is felt with every drop.

Once upon a time Folie d’un soir came along the new Goutal perfume for women. It is one of the four fragrances in the “Les parfums de Géraldine” collection. Géraldine is the pseudonym of Annick Goutal when she was a model in London. This perfume refers to an important period in her life. This fragrance is inspired by her story and her journey. It symbolises an impulse, her great decision. Folie d’un Soir perfectly crystallises this decisive moment when she left for London, which had marked her life so deeply.

Strong in character but sweet at the same time, be seduced by this spicy and woody fragrance. Based on soft Pink Pepper, authentic Turkish Roses, soothing Myrrh, delicate Incense, intense Leather and gourmet Cocoa. An elixir that lets your femininity be expressed through rich seductive tones.

Once upon a time there was a magnificent lady whole changed the world of perfumery forever. In this story although there was sadness there is also joy because she was so amazing that her daughter took on her legacy. Camille Goutal is very talented and she represents Goutal perfumery perfectly.

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