ADAM; The man

By Jo Phillips

ADAM as we all know was the ‘first man’ and the name still stands as an Archetype.  The perfect specimen, the man of all ages, he is in our mind’s eye perfect. maybe that is why the men’s grooming company ADAM choose this as their name. They are having a slight rebrand and relaunching products and services. Find out more here about ADAM the man

Like the earliest artisans, ADAM’s talented barbers have acquired their expertise through years of experience and apprenticeship from the roots of the Roman barbering traditions, the Istanbul barbershop to modern-day practice.  

They are opening a newly designed space in the Men’s Superbrands department in Harrods this October 2020. It is a stunning modernist spaced designed by award-winning architect, Inanc Eray.

Exclusive services to Harrods, include the hot towel wet shave to beard re-shaping, as well as traditional haircuts which includes a consultation, wash, cut, dry, second wash, hot towel, friction scalp massage, dry, finish, and style, to new grooming services such as facials & manicures.  

And just to add the experience guests can unwind with a freshly brewed Turkish coffee, an expertly crafted old fashioned or a Japanese whisky on the rocks from the Atelier’s in-house bar. 

Also launching this Autumn, is a new sustainable grooming collection that harnesses natural, organic ingredients and botanicals with proven benefits for hair, skin and wellbeing. Ingredients that have supported men through centuries in their daily ablutions. 

Adding to this comes three unique colognes crafted from ingredients that have been used over time to help promote personal wellbeing.

The scents are created from raw botanicals, essential oils and spices from Anatolia. 

Anatolia is crisp, green and aromatic and celebrates the forests of towering black pine trees. Wild Pine, Fir Balsam, Frankincense and Musk.

Black Sea is woody, warm and sophisticated. Infused with a Leather, Tobacco, Amber and Cedarwood essential oil blend.

Celebi is spicy, woody and exotic.  It is fused with citrusy Bergamont and luxurious hits of cinnamon sage and ground coriander  Black Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cinnamon and Clary Sage.

However if a trip there is not possible in the immediate future Head Barber – Sait Koca has shared with us his top ten most important rules for shaving

 What you should do when shaving….·      

Shave after your shower so the beard is soft and pores are open ·      

Don’t go against the grain ·      

Ensure your blade is sharp and good quality·      

Change your blade often ·      

Electric razors will give you a rash if you have sensitive skin.·      If you want to use an electric razor, I would recommend using an aqua blade·      

Use shaving cream and a shaving brush, I like to use ADAM Shaving cream with coconut oil that nourishes and moisturises. The brush lifts the hair which allows for a closer shave and helps reduce the chance of shaving rash.·      

I always like to finish with our ADAM post shave balm with Eucalyptus which helps reduce shaving rash ·      

Always moisturise ·      

Beard oil is essential to maintain a healthy beard. Use 1- 2 drops maximum of beard oil daily, for softness and shine

The newest store opened Saturday 12 September 36 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields E1 6AT 

The ADAM founders are Esat Kolege and Oytun Pakcan. Find out more ADAM Grooming Here

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