Glacial Man

By Jo Phillips

Cooling off as the weather draws into Autumn the fresh chill of winter is perceptible in the air. Think of the hint of glacial freshness giving a slight chill to the nostrils. Bvlgari Man Glacial Essence is the new fragrance from the brand; celebratory of mountain air, for the Glacial Man about town.


Come September the change of weather is perceptible, the cooling down and the call of great outdoor walks in woody forests or skiing in the mountains becomes part of our conscious thinking. The build-up in our minds towards snowy Christmas holidays is where our imaginations take us towards.


With holidaying abroad likely to still be limited, scent is a wonderful way to travel without leaving your armchair. The power of fragrance to literally hit your mind and instantly transport you to another time and place.


This new fragrance from Bulgari celebrates the magnificence of the mountains, harsh woody fir trees frozen in our mind’s eye. Think winter walks in woody alpine air. Described as a woody Fougère it comes out September 1st 2020

A woody Fougere style of fragrance means they are built with a blend of things like lavender, geranium, vetiver, bergamot, animalics oakmoss, and coumarin; these style of notes. The name Fougère is derived from the French for ‘fern’ and these (often masculine scents) tend to have ferny, green woody notes.


In 1882  Fougère Royale, the first fougère perfume was launched establishing a new fragrance family. Initially, these were more feminine stories but were adopted into men’s fragrances and have established themselves as so, although plenty of women love a good Fougère.


Here the perfume opens with juniper berry essence (woody, sweet, fresh and crisp), ginger extract (warm fire-like and fizzy), geranium essence (lemony green scent and also a slight rose-like accent)


The middle warms off the cool top notes, with Australian sandalwood essence, (warm creamy, as well as earthy in tone), rich orris concrete (divine powdery rooty), artemisia essence known more commonly as wormwood (bitter, herbal, spicy)


All of this settles into a soft cool woody base of cedarwood (soft resin and woody) Alaska essence, clearwood® accord, and sexy skinlike warming musk accord.


The iceman cometh, but worry not he has warm hands and a warm heart, just that sexy, powerful, cool exterior that is irresistible.


Bulgari Glacial man is the newest fragrance from the brand explore all their fragrances here

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