Affect, Effect

By Mohini Babbar

Efficacy, could this be the word of 2020? All the talk right now is of the efficacy of the 3 new covid vaccines that have been created, But what in fact does efficacy mean? The dictionary definition says it ‘is the ability to perform a task to a satisfactory or expected degree. The word comes from the same roots as effectiveness, and it has often been used synonymously, although in pharmacology a distinction is now often made between efficacy and effectiveness’. It discussed so much in the skincare world, all the products we use, do they really manage to get past the first layer of our skin in order to actually be able to work where needed? Skincare, after all, is a very detailed subject with various skin problems occurring. Because at the end of the day if what we use is not efficacious then what is the point of all the lotions and potions. But what is we said there is new technology out there to help get the products deep into our skin layers so that it can work truly effectively? Read more about this new science in Affect, Effect

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 The science of skincare is bringing new innovations to skin treatments, we have seen the immense fusion between technology and the cosmetology world with some new devices and treatments dedicated to the appearance of our skin. The lastest great science to meet beauty, is not so much about the skincare products but about how the products actually get into your skin to do the work they need to do.

Reduit Spa has come up with an amazing product applicator, a simple handheld device that helps the efficacy of skincare products to get into the skin. . On top of that, the skincare products in mini pods products are sustainable, with the applicator simply amplifying ingredients in order to enhance skincare regimes.

A device never seen before is a skincare application system using ultrasonic magnetic misting, ultrasonic diffusion technology, as well as LED therapy targeting a range of skincare concerns from pollution, ageing and hydration to achieve a clear and dewy complexion.

With advanced technology, the application is also very simple to use. Add the appropriate pod to the device, at only 5ml, RÉDUIT’s tiny Skinpods™ are equivalent to a full-sized product and can deliver up to 40 applications. The highly concentrated formulations contain only the most powerful ingredients for maximum results.

With the future of Skin Care in our palm, Reduit Spa has created a magical tool to ease the long skincare process in just 30 seconds and is currently available with 5 different skincare concerns covered.


In form of a magnetic mist, this hydro pod boosts the daily nourishment and moisturisation in our skin providing intense hydration to the dry surface.


A pod acting as a shield to various concerns such as exposure to environmental aggressors, saltwater, wind and sun exposure. With powerful antioxidants, it helps to neutralize radicals, relieves inflammation and soothes our skin.


It is an anti-ageing pod treatment that boosts our skin’s elasticity and effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines while preventing further signs of ageing.


A pod specifically designed to even out skin tone, brighten, and revive the appearance of tired, dull-looking skin. 


A pod designed to restores the health and clearly looks of your skin with a lightweight formula that works to reduce the appearance of redness associated with breakouts, other blemishes, and dark spots.

While actively fading dark spots, this formula also has powerful sebum-regulating and antibacterial ingredients that will work to prevent future breakouts.

The brand has an equally impressive selection of products that work wonders for hair as well. We asked Reduit to tell us directly about the products so we can best understand directly from them.


1. Technology has become very important in skincare/haircare why do you think this is so? 

The fact that technology has become central to skin and haircare is due to the large gap that has developed over many years: traditional beauty products have not advanced much since the first days of the first industrial products back at the beginning of the 20th century.  These platforms were developed from the technology that was available over 100 years ago.  There have been some advancements in packaging materials and formulation ingredients, but the core architecture has very much remained the same.

The tech we are seeing being integrated in products today is 21st century, but as said, there is a lot of catching up still to be done.

2. Where did this trend start?

I think that the first major shift to beauty tech moving from in-salon use to at-home devices was driven by Clarisonic and started some 15 years ago.

3. What does technology bring that say normal science can’t (when I say science here, I mean laboratory testing and creating of skincare as we usually expect)?

The traditional products are limited by their very architecture and most of the advances we are seeing are incremental, normally limited to the formulation and the ingredients, or the primary packaging. Beauty tech is not limited by these structural divisions and can seek new performance levels beyond by integrating new science beyond and across the traditional perimeters.

The equivalent is a comparison of the development options in finding solutions for traveling longer distances, or faster.  One can look into making a carriage lighter, have faster horses, or having more of them, but there’s a limitation on where we can get in improving a traditional horse carriage.  The alternative is to invent a car, a completely new solution paradigm.  This is what beauty tech is, compared to traditional cosmetics.

4. How on earth do you develop this type of technology?

At RÉDUIT we’re inspired by nature’s own principles – such as magnetic fields – and we translate these into revolutionary beauty innovations. We’re inspired by nature; elevated by design.

One of the key elements of RÉDUIT technologies is based on the in-house research performed by WELLFULLY, our mother company that is the world’s leading laboratory in enhanced drug delivery technologies.  For over 15 years, WELLFULLY has been developing and delivering technologies to the medical field.

In RÉDUIT we take this innovation and turn it into high performing and attractive, but ergonomic and sleek products such as the RÉDUIT applicators.  In addition, RÉDUIT has developed a number of light chassis formulation laboratories developing fitting high performance topicals found in our Skinpods and Hairpods.

5. How green is this technology?

In addition to reducing the waste by an order of magnitude in the very design of our products, both in terms of formulation where the equivalent of the 5 ml of Skinpods or Hairpods are traditional products ranging from 100 to 200 ml, and the resulting primary packaging requirements, there are significant secondary benefits such as a reduction in transport-related emissions.  Finally, RÉDUIT is the only brand in beauty providing a Return and Renew program where consumers can send in their empty pods for recycling and reuse – and get rewarded for doing so in the form of free pod coupons.

6. How long should a consumer expect a piece of technology to last? 

The applicator devices come with a 2-year warranty and a 30-days free return period.  The Skinpods and Haipods range, based on product and consumer-specific requirements last for up to 20 to 40 uses per pod.

7. What do you feel with be the next big luck in technology meets beauty health etc And do you see this as a growing market, if yes then why?

I think that beauty tech has far-reaching potential beyond traditional “cosmetic” applications, reaching all the way into health and wellness related aspects.  Aside from the technical differences, I think that these new platforms will also allow for dramatic changes in the application spectrum.

8. Design wise, I see your products are alas beautiful to look at – Why is this important?

Introducing a completely novel concept to consumers is a big challenge in terms of communications and acceptance.  We all interact with the products around us.  They stimulate how we interact and feel about them.  RÉDUIT is very careful in making sure to allow for the development of a positive relationship.  We aim to make products that perform but also excite.  We seek to make products that serve the consumer, and not the other way around, requiring excessive maintenance, or concessions by the consumer.

9. Do you feel you empower consumers when as they can do a lot of treatments that were only ever available before in salons and if you feel this trend is growing more because of lockdowns?

The lockdowns have definitely contributed to this trend of needs that for practical reasons can’t be met by traditional means.  Still, professional beauty plays an important role in developing and qualifying treatments, and I think it will continue to do so in the future.

10. What is the future??

2021 is going to be very exciting!  We’re already well underway with a number of exciting new products, from a new generation of advanced smart applicators to multiple novel lines of exciting high-performance Hairpods and Skinpods.  We’re engaging our internal team and collaborations with professionals to really push and move the learning curve further up both on design, as well as communications and marketing practices to make sure we increase value for consumers.

To find out more about the devise and products available visit ,here

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