Black White Grey

By Jo Phillips

We live in a world of multi-everything, sound, scent, touch, and most of all sight. We are surrounded by super colour images that capture our attention but not often for long, the quick flashes and neons that zoom in and out of our lives, all times of the day rarely give us the time to stop and fully engage. But Black White and tones of Grey can stop us in our tracks far more full of the subtle emotions we find far more desirable to engage with.

Would we remember quite so vividly Walker Evans’s work for the Farm Security Administration documenting the Great Depression?  What about Elliott Erwitt French-born American advertising and documentary photographer known for his black and white candid photos of ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings? Or even what about Robert Michael Mapplethorpe known for his black-and-white photographs which featured an array of subjects, from celebrity portraits, male and female nudes, to self-portraits, and even still-life images of erotic flowers.

Black and white images give a depth and delicacy draw you into an image because in many whats it is not what is there i.e the absence of colour that bewitches the viewer. See in detail lines textures contrast and most of all light. After all, if nothing else photography is a celebration of objects against light.

The newest camera created to purely take digital black and white images at professional levels is the Leica Q2 Monochrom. This sleek minimal in design, camera is loaded with functions for those from the professional image maker to the enthusiastic taker to use. A 35mmm fixed focal lens with a picture format of 24x 36 mm and an aspect ratio of 2.3.

Digital zoom options of 28mm 35mm 50mm and 75mm, as well as an aperture range 1.7, stop to 16 in increments of 1/3 increments.

Capture offering for this still and moving image camera is in +jepg jpeg, DNG formats for stills, and in moving options MP44K and Full HD. And as for sound? Mono speaker microphone ins stereo with AAc recording format.

The list of technical options is pages long and really worth looking through but it’s fair to say this compact elegant sleek camera is the only compact on the market offering still options of 4k

With the ability for micro close-up options, it allows for the artform of black and white photography to be explored outside in the world or in a studio setting.

Compact enough to carry around this decreet piece of design is maxed to the full with creative options to bring your own black and white images all the tones texture greys black and white alive and vivid in your own images.

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