Embracing the beauty of Cultural Harmony: #MadeBritainGreat Exhibition Spotlight

By Mansi Golaniya

Behind the flags and national anthem is a photographic show, which looks beneath the surface of British multiculturalism for what lies at the heart of greatness in Britain. A world where the essence of Great Britain unfolds beyond its borders. 

Visit #MadeBritainGreat Exhibition, which crosses borders and tells the story of British history through coloured brushes of multiculturalism. It depicts the story of many identities threaded together to create the complex mosaic that ultimately represents the great grandeur of the Nation.

Blazed a glorious trail in the UK, the ensemble comprising of both established and rising star is a part of UK’s cultural legacy. This includes the towering presence of Idris Elba and Thandiwe Newton as well as the raw artistry of Neneh Cherry and Tricky that are the shades of being British.

In this setting, Jarvis Cocker, Lily Allen, Mike Skinner, Skin, and Jasmin Jobson top boy all contribute their verses and beats in addition to anecdotes; together producing a fascinating sound map for posterity inscribed with tales stretching across generations

In honor of these people who shaped British arts and humanities, “Made Britain Great” by Derrick Santini at JG Contemporary. 

This exhibition is open for the public from 10th November to 3rd December at 45 Churchfield Road, London depicts 30 years of cultural impact portraits of Santini.

#MadeBritainGreat is different from patriotism because it focuses on distinct abilities that make up ‘British’ greatness. Through his lens Santini puts life into those faces, bringing them back to life in order to tell inspirational and innovative stories.

Santini was born in Scarborough in 1965; he is a famous photographer whose work can be seen in the National Portrait Gallery. This exhibition serves as a preview of his forthcoming book and a national tour in 2024, thereby continuing the celebration of British brilliance.

The opening will also run from Sunday, November 9th 2019, 6-9 PM with an opportunity to meet Santini and drink. There will be no admission fee but everyone is invited to participate in this tribute to the people who made Britain great. 

Every portrait seems to whisper goodbye by giving an appeal for us to understand the power of unison through differences when the #MadeBritainGreat signs down. 

Santini doesn’t only photograph a people, but captures the soul of a country woven out of countless tales. Though this exhibition comes to an end by December, its message won’t die down. It will remind us all to keep on with true pride which epitomes the greatness of this country.

More details can be accessed on to jgcontemporary.com or by calling on 07525 143 009 / email: Jewel@jgcontemporary.com.

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