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By Jo Phillips

Feeling a need to connect with art? Missing the trip to galleries? On line is our best option right now. Currently on until the end of the month is Till We Meet Again, IRL, Best Wishes, a digital programme from Asia-Art-Activism (AAA) — a collective of international artists, researchers, curators and free-thinkers launched in 2018. Since its inauguration, AAA has presented an illuminating series of performances, presentations, mini-residencies, workshops, publications, and other events with the overall aim of investigating ‘Asia’, ‘art’ and ‘activism’ in the UK and internationally through research, dialogue, practice and collective work. Read about ways to be involved here is Art Asian

In response to the global pandemic, their yearly in-person programme, normally held at Raven Row in London, had to be converted into a completely digital programme. Running until 29 November, Till We Meet Again, IRL, Best Wishes showcases online exhibitions, screening pathways, workshops and panel discussions that touch upon important issues that the world is experiencing today.

Two upcoming panel discussions are particular highlights; expanding our ways of thinking about how people working in the arts and culture organise and how humanity can move forward stronger from these uncertain times.

Image for Tools to Transform. Credit: Rosalia Namsai Engchuan, Community Film Screening in Bandung, Indonesia

The panel discussion, Tools to Transform, (which takes place on 24 November at 12.30pm GMT), focuses on how artists and culture workers are organising themselves in new and exciting ways despite the pandemic. Especially now with global civil unrest and uncertain times felt by all, art is ever more important and needs to be experienced to uplift the spirits and to help build stronger communities. As these are new times for all, how artistic individuals and bodies organise using word too much? and get their message to the public requires one to expand their mind to think of outside of the box ideas that are engaging and meaningful. Speakers include Amal KhalafAnnie Jael Kwan (lead curator for the programme), Joon Lynn GohRosalia Namsai Engchuan, and Vicky Truong.

To sign up for this event, click here.

Image for Invocation: radical futures

Invocation: radical futures is another insightful virtual discussion (taking place on 29 November at 3.00pm GMT), where participants and discussion leaders come together to collectively imagine how humanity may heal and thrive going forward amidst political and social unrest happening around the world. The discussion brings together artists Larry AchiampongJesse Jones, and curator Adriel Luis, contributors to the 2017 Curating Radical Futures panel at Tate Modern, along with curator and educator, farid rakun. Together they will expand on strategies of self-care, spiritual healing and radical intersectional solidarities, that think through and beyond the pandemic experience and practices of inter-community collaboration.

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Through this rich digital programme, Till We Meet Again, IRL, Best Wishes aims for all of us to broaden our minds to collectively think and dream about how we might arise together and be stronger from these challenging times. In addition to these panels, there are a wealth of screenings, exhibitions and workshops to enrich and inspire, all from the comfort of your own home. The programme is currently available through their website, is free and open to all and will come to a close on the 29 November.

For the full programme list and information on the curators and participating artists, please visit:

29 October — 29 November 2020

Curators: Annie Jael Kwan, Arianna Mercado, Cuong Pham & Howl Yuan Exhibiting Artists: Alfred Marasigan, Annie Jael Kwan, Arianna Mercado, Bettina Fung, Caro Gervay, Cuong Pham, Ghost & John, Howl Yuan, Joel Tan, Li Song, Lynn Lu, Maiko Jinushi, Mengting Zhuo, Mia Cabalfin, Minghe Hai, Nicholas Tee, Pei Chi Wu, Queer Bangladesh, Quek Jia Qi, Sam Reynolds, Sit Weng San, Songkun Wan, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, Tzu-Yun Liang, Yanzhen Wu, Yarli Allison, Youngsook Choi

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