Air: Redolence

By Jo Phillips

Summer may be fading but here at .Cent ‘Redolence’ takes a look at the fragrances that stay. Diffusers fill the room beautifully and delicately, unlike candles the welcoming smell lasts longer. We asked Mark Jordan, the founder of Aroma Holiday  to tell us about his love from diffusers and tell us about one of his very own creations.

There is nothing more welcoming than entering a home filled with a gorgeous fragrance. Whether it’s a delicate floral, zesty citrus or rich earthy scent, the way a room smells has the power to transform the whole atmosphere and evoke strong, heartfelt emotions.

‘That’s why I launched Aroma Holiday – a range of carefully crafted, luxury fragrances with a scent perfect for each and every home. Inspired by my travels around the world, each fragrance is designed with an exciting location in mind. Since having a family, I’ve had to rein in my carefree days of exploring the world. But with Aroma Holiday, I can enjoy the sense of being transported to an exotic destination without leaving the comfort of my own living room.

Originally a scented candle brand, I soon realised that reed diffusers would makes a great addition to the Aroma Holiday range. Used for centuries, reed diffusers have achieved widespread popularity in recent years. It’s easy to see why. Whilst they might not offer the warmth or romance of flickering candlelight, they make up for this in a range of ways.

Using a reed diffuser means consistent fragrance within the room. No need to wait until you’ve lit a candle to enjoy the scent; your room will be bathed in a fabulous aroma every time you enter it. They’re ideal for difficult to reach spots where having a candle that needs lighting and extinguishing might be impractical, and of course in places where naked flames aren’t appropriate. They also look elegant and stylish.
And if you want to create the most beautifully scented home, why not combine a scented candle with a reed diffuser for the ultimate in luxury? I can never choose between the two – so I don’t!’


.Cent would like to present the best diffusers that are filling our air!

Creative Director – Jo Phillips
Photographer – Jason Yates
Digital Tech – Enis Akyuz
Assistant – Rhiannon Brackpool


L’Artisan Parfumer Paris L’automne
L’Artisan Parfumer Paris L’Hiver 
Jo Malone London – Lime Basil and Mandarin 
Neom Organics London – Happiness – White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon 
Ancienne Ambience London 


Heyland & WhittleAlpine 
Heyland & Whittle Earlgrey 
The White Company Noir, Amber. Mandarin and Sandalwood
Eau D’ItalieVerbena and Sage
Ecoya Sweet Pea and Jasmine 
Arran Aromatics –  Just Grapefruit


Orla KielyBasil and Mint
Ralph LaurenGarden 
Orla Kiely Sicillan Lemon 


Bomb Cosmetics Mango and Papya Dream 
Bomb CosmeticsVanilla Macaroon 
Ted Baker Miami, Reed Diffuser
Ted BakerMiami, Diffuser Oil
M&S – La Maison De Senteurs, Fleues De Minosa 


Prices – Lily, Violet and Orange Flower
Prices – Cotton Powder
Green and Spring – Repair and Restore
Marks and Spencers – Rosie for Autograph
Rituals – Lotus Secret
Ashleigh and Burwood; Escapology – Moroccan Rose 

Roja Parfums – Pour Maison
SPRY – Christmas Range

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