All hail ‘the Queen of Pretty Geometrics’

By Jo Phillips


Kirath Ghundoo is known in the industry as the “queen of pretty geometrics”. Such a moniker, though flattering, vastly underrates her talent. Ghundoo is an innovator in many ways: her ethical core is exemplified through her sustainable wallpaper, which can be reapplied to limit wastage. It is not designed to match or repeat itself thus offering endless variety in regards to the final product. Here she invokes creative innovation to once again discourage waste. Her collections have caught the eye and earned the respect of international heavyweights including ELLE Decoration, Grazia, The Observer, The Independent and the Sunday Times. Her most recent collection “13” is no different.



Inspired by the vibrant opulence of Arabian architecture Ghundoo plays homage using three new patterns: Jew, Ash and Sombre. The mix ‘n’ match of Ghundoo’s non-repetitive designs means that each roll offers endless variations on the theme. Her latest endeavour is an exhibit featured in “New British”, hosted by Vivienne Westwood alongside 100% Design. Ghundoo also offers bespoke wallpaper, tailored to each interior.


She can be contacted at: and her work is available to be purchased online and is stocked internationally.

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