All that Glows

By Mohini Babbar

J.R.R Tolkien once said, “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost” In today’s article “All that Glows” you will discover some magnificent and amazing architectural buildings that glow and have set some luxurious examples for us all.

Gold is a symbol of Luxury. Gold being one of the most expensive materials makes us wonder about how much it might cost us from say gold embroidery on clothes, to gold in food?

Gold cannot be utilised as a pure building material like a 12 story block but it can give a level of a statue, when used on a pillar, or a small decorative accent. Have you ever wondered how much would a gold building cost? Not sure about the exact number but it would be unbearably expensive and basically unaffordable.

Below we have presented a few buildings around the world that are either made of gold, copper, or aluminum alloy as a synthetic gold.

The riches are not added but the magnificence it clear for all to see.

Shwedagon Pagoda

A total golden paradise is found in Yangon, Myanmar. This exquisite landmark is covered in gold and the rooftop is blinged out in 4531 diamonds, which is equivalent to a 72 carat diamond as stated by Shwedagon Pagoda officials.

Home to hundreds of different colored temples, stupas and statues that date as back as 2500 years old.

Hotel Marques De Riscal

Stationed in Elciego, Spain exterior of this intriguing shaped hotel is made of large aluminium panels. Each panel is tinted purple, silver and gold and turns tinted panel to shimmer in moonlight.

This hotel has bought the fruitful grape vines back to life and the name “Hotel Marques De Riscal Vineyard” completely justifies it.

An abstract where one would live forever cost $959 for a night.

Iglesia De La Compania

A building made with 2 tons of pure solid Gold. Iglesia De La Compania sited in Quito, Ecuador is regarded as the “Church of the Country” where the domes are currently part of the church covered in Gold.

The designs found on the walls, sporting a bright red color. As well as the pillars that have Indigenous faces, plants and multiple artistic faces.


A stunning museum in Essex, England has a “crest-like” shape and is made of copper, which gives it golden hues. The golden copper aluminium panels that hold this very shape were actually applied by construction workers by hand.

Located beneath the museum are ancient buried artifacts which is why when the museum was built there was a “no dig policy” in order.

The Bibliothek Luckenwalde Annex

A great addition to the children’s ward The Bibliothek Luckenwalde Annex is actually a library located in Luckenwalde, Germany.

The gorgeous golden colour, which makes it look completely surreal with a blue sky in the background is because of the copper aluminium alloy shingles which gives it the shimmer appearance. Its shape gives the millennial generation a modern twist to their city.

The Departmental Archives of Rhone

The most beautiful municipal building ever is in Lyon, France.

The exterior of this building is constructed by aluminium and copper panels, while the base is made of black graphite. At the very top, glass offices can be found, with a magnificent view from the interior.

The Pro Aurum

Situated in Munich, the exterior shape of the building was meant to look like a giant gold bar and so it does.

The structure is quite exquisite as well. On the outside supported by large gold colored walls grey accessories compliment the white accents finishing the very modern decor.

The Platform of Art and Creativity

Sited in Guimaraes, Portugal the Platform of Art and Creativity building looks like as it is made up of gold but in reality, it is brass pipes panels make up the golden colour and artistic design.

As amazing as this building looks at day, the panels change their colour during the evening.

Golden Temple

Located in Amritsar, India built-in 1588 this magnificent temple is made of 24-carat gold which is much purer than 22 carat.

The temple was initially made of 162 kg of gold then worth 65,000 GBP later in late 90’s when the temple was renovated 500 kg of gold was used to renovate it which approximately costs 140k GBP.

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