An Unconventional Lockdown To-Do List

By Sera mathews

We are all stuck at home trying to do the best to entertain our families, and most importantly ourselves. So don’t look further or let your brain go stale. Here is a list of the latest exciting and unusual activities to indulge around:

Must-listen: SLEEP by Max Richter

This Easter weekend, this eight-hour epic by German composer Max Richter will be broadcasted in a collective moment of reflection during this time of quarantine. The BBC will join broadcasters from across the globe to air the longest single continuous music piece (a Guinness World Record) to ever be broadcasted live on radio since its world premiere in 2015.

Offering a way to forget the situation around us, SLEEP analyses the link between music and the subconscious mind.

Recorded at London’s Wellcome Collection, this piece has since been performed at the most iconic venues of the Sydney Opera House, Philharmonie de Paris and of recent, the Great Wall of China.

“Five years ago, I wrote SLEEP as an invitation to pause our busy lives for a moment. Now we are all facing an unexpected and unwelcome pause.”

“At this time the magical ability of creativity to elevate our days and to connect us with one another is more valuable than ever,” says the maestro who has written for critically acclaimed projects such as Oscar-winning Arrival, Black Mirror and Taboo.


Dive into Marina Vishmidt: Cameron Rowland which is much more than a review of the American artist’s work at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in the upcoming issue of artforum.

A vivid reminder that no one is safe at home is Penny Goring’s Hatefuck the Reader. The 2014 prose compiles confessions of trauma, violence, sex and art in this paragon of online literature.


Spectres by Sven Augustijnen – Not to be confused with the 2015 Bond film, this documentary investigates the facts behind the death of Congo’s first Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba. It also explores historiography and how these events continue to haunt current political and social institutions.

For the musical ears – Steinway & Sons are the way to go. Working hard to entertain audiences stuck at home, Steinway artists are streaming live Instagram concerts and have opened their digital music library to all. You don’t need more convincing, but if so, Chloe Flower (who became a viral hit when she performed with Cardi B at the 2019 Grammys) is a Steinway artist who hosts piano tutorials for beginners.

Ballet dancers performing Swan Lake
Swan Lake performed at the Alexandrinsky Theatre in St Petersburg .

For the ballet diehards Proving that music will never die despite the shutting down of theatres and shows, the English National Ballet Philharmonic has virtually come together to perform a rendition of Swan Lake.

The video captures 38 members of the orchestra performing Tchaikovsky’s famous composition under the instructions of conductor Gavin Sutherland and his virtual baton.

“In these uncertain times the wish of an orchestra and its musicians is just to be together and play together. Music will always unite and bring warmth and happiness even at the most difficult of times,” cites Sutherland.

Check out the video here.

Art and fashion enthusiasts – The Sarabande Foundation, established by Alexander McQueen is opening its doors (virtually of course!) to learn and discover new aspects ranging from film to art to fashion. Get access to daily talks by inspirational speaking including artists Grayson Perry and Maggi Hambling, Oscar winner costume designer, Colleen Atwood to name a few.

range of perfumes from Miller Harris
Find your perfect scent at home.

For the perfume lovers– Perfume brand Miller Harris have launched three digital initiatives this April to experience fragrance within your four walls for the next eight weeks.

  • Fragrance Friday – A live weekly Instagram review from experts on everything consumers should know about a specific scent. Q&A sessions help customers to discuss queries and even buy a sample of the reviewed fragrance.
  • Scent of the Season – A monthly subscription service which includes a sample gift of 14ml of one of the brand’s unique fragrances.
  • Online Fragrance profiling appointments – A chance to find your perfect scent with a fragrance expert online in your own time within 40-minutes.

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