Anarchy: Actions

By Jo Phillips


JR comes back to London with not only an exhibition highlighting various action he has accomplished around the globe but also to turn the art world Inside Out with his newest project.

The works presented within the Lazarides Rathbone gallery will include images from the artist’s journey to North Korea and two of his projects – Wrinkles in the City and Portrait of Generation. Out on the streets, JR, as an enthusiast of an idea that art needs to be employed as a tool for global communication, invites all the Londoners to take a part in the world’s largest art project.


Inside Out gives each member of the community an opportunity a chance to create their own black and white portrait in travelling photobooth truck where images of participants will be printed as large posters and pasted on the various iconic London site.

Ready for some Action and turning everything Inside Out with JR?

“Actions” runs from Friday 11th October to Thursday 14th November at Lazarides Rathbone. For more information visit the gallery’s website, Facebook or Twitter.

For more information on the Inside Out project visit its website.

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