Anarchy: Conflict Kitchen

By Jo Phillips

Debate over a dinner party is expected, but a Pittsburgh based fast food place is taking this idea one giant leap further. The pop-up Conflict Kitchen only serves cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict. The restaurant’s identity changes every few months and depends very much on current geopolitical events. They have already covered the food, culture and politics of Afghanistan, Iran and Venezuela, now the kitchen’s current focus is Cuba.

Conflict Kitchen

The aim is getting into your mind via your stomach. For each version of Conflict Kitchen there is a programme of discussions, events and performances that seek to engage the public with the focus countries culture and politics. Even their packaging is designed to make you think, beautifully designed paper wrappers with interviews printed on them. The staff are trained to push the boundaries of customers’ mind as they wait for their order, engaging them in casual discussion. Tasty snacks served with a side of questioning, conversation, and debate.

Conflict Kitchen

They are currently looking for staff, as the face of Conflict Kitchen job requirements include kitchen experience and a keen interest in international politics and cultural relations. Three shifts a week, foreign language proficiency is a plus.

Conflict Kitchen

Upcoming versions include: U.S. involvement in the border conflicts of North/South Korea and Palestine/Israel.

Conflict Kitchen Open 11am – 6pm seven days a week. 221 Schenley Dr Pittsburgh, PA, USA 15213.

All photographs courtesy of Conflict Kitchen.

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