Anarchy: Let Claire Mesmerize You

By Pascal Ebner


Greetings from Germany – Claire the five-piece band from Munich are ready for their brand new EP “Broken Promise Land” and deliver their mysterious yet melancholic sound that fuses the emotions of grief and hope in a collection of 4 unique songs. The Pop sound Claire create, is not just simple Pop – these Pop tunes give you goosebumps and leave you with the desire to hear the next song in it’s full splendor. Claire simply escape from the footless Pop music nowadays and distinguish themselves by sticking out in their very own way.

Especially Claire’s single “Games” caught our attention right away, convincing the listener to go along with the sound right away – both physically and mentally. The lyrics are relatable to one’s own emotions and might even make you feel pensive… obviously in a good sense. Claire even offer some visual material to “Games”, opening the listener an even more intense experience.

Playing at this year’s New York CMJ, the band was able to spread it’s name and played alongside musicians such as Bastille, The XX and James Blake. Therefore, we wanted to know more about the Munich-based band and prepared some questions for the quintet.

.Cent: We thought your album title “Broken Promise Land”, as well as your music, fits perfectly with our theme Anarchy. Have there been actual broken promises? Or does it signify something totally different?

Claire: Broken Promise Land is more a metaphor that shows it’s not always easy to reach your dreams. The Name giving track “Broken Promise Land” has the hook “Pick a point on the horizon don’t stop until it’s gone” So even if there are broken promises that slow you down, you still have to keep going to reach what you have set your self as goal.

.Cent: Have you been set on singing in English from the get-go or has German, as you originate from Munich, ever been in consideration?

Claire: Josie is half New Zealander so it always was clear that we’re going to do the songs in english. For us English is definitely the nicer language, especially for Josie it is more emotional and she feels her self more comfy singing in English. German often sounds a bit hard.

.Cent: As mentioned, you started to create music after working on a film project – did you know right afterwards that you’d like to do music as a band? What happened to be the initial spark?

Claire: No not really we just had fun doing music together and started a few more songs, at first not thinking about being a band. We didn’t even had a name. It just developed quite quickly without us even realizing that we actually had become a band already. Especially as Fridl our drummer became a part of Claire and we had a log drive to our first gig and then stood together on stage the first time, that was the moment where we all really had the feeling that we are a band now.

.Cent: Your new single “Games” is truly a mix of grief, comfort and melancholy – as you described. Are you considering to work within other genres in the future? Or would you prefer to stick to the sound you do now?

Claire: I think we’ll always do some Pop but we are already mixing a few other genres in with it what makes it sometimes a bit hard to describe our music. We are definitely into getting genres mixed up and see if we can develop songs that still fit to our sound.

.Cent: Is it easier to please the German or the English audience? Do you recognize any specific differences in each music scene?

Claire: It’s really hard to say because up until now we just had German audience and we are really looking forward to playing in front of an English audience. We don’t know what to expect but, we were talking a lot with other bands the last few weeks because we are really interested in if there is a big difference. The one thing a lot of the other bands told us up until now is that english people go to there favorite location no matter what band is playing and just love to listen to the music. Here in Germany you mostly check out what band is playing and whether you really want to go there. But now we want to make our own experiences.

Find the official music video for “Games” by Claire here:

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New single “Games” (including official remixes) can be purchased on iTunes. The new EP “Broken Promise Land” will be available in September. Moreover, Claire are set to release their very first album this year – titled “The Great Escape”.

If you want to know and hear more about Claire, check out their official website, Facebook page, Twitter and SoundCloud for tour dates, more sounds and information.

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