Anarchy: Paste-Ups

By Jo Phillips

Here is perhaps a suggestion for the next update for the game Subway Surfers: instead of being chased by an officer down the subway tracks for the illicit act of graffiti on the trains, why not have our punk do paste-ups? Paste-ups are also called Wheaties for the self-mixed wheat paste used to plaster these supersized graphics on surfaces around the world. As oppose to graffiti, they allow artists to leave their creative expressions at a scene quickly and move on to somewhere else minimising the risk of being caught. This September, .Cent brings you three anarchic artists whose work roams on the streets we live in.

Dale Grimshaw
Dale Grimshaw’s paste-ups can be seen mostly in his favourite city of London. Dale has been fascinated with street art since his primary school days, when he was obsessed with writing his name everywhere. His images are inspired by his personal memories and feelings, which he expresses boldly through the technique of woodcut prints. Originally, Dale used paste-up posters as a vehicle to promote his punk gigs. “I’m not always comfortable working through my creative procedure in a public space,” he confesses”, so printing on paper before hand really suits my approach.”

Dale Grimshaw Book Cover
Dale Grimshaw Cover

The catalyst that made then 17-year-old HIN turn to art is a knee injury. The Hong-Kong-born London-based artist has not stopped drawing, painting, illustrating contradiction art ever since. He recently starts working with paste-ups and finds that in contrast with graffiti, this technique allows him to transfer the same detailed lines in his drawing onto the street’s walls. However, the road to perfection has led him through many obstacles. Many lessons were learnt from using the right paste to ensure the art work stays more than forty-eight hours on the wall to practicing before going to the streets to taking enough paste with you.


Pablo Delgado
Mexican-born and London-based Pablo Delgado has only been doing paste-ups for a little more than a year and already he is a recognised figure in the scene. Through this specific art form, he enjoys mixing various selected images to create a paper collage scene with a surreal twist. “There is a trinity in the elements I use: Humans, Nature (mainly animals) and Material tools (objects)”, says Pablo. “They can play in different combinations, and the sarcasm exists in the relation between them.”

Pablo Delgado
Pablo Delgado

Got you curious? Want to know more about these artists? They have been featured in Olly Walker‘s latest publication on Paste-Ups entitled It’s a Stick-Up: 20 Real Wheat Paste-Ups from the World’s Greatest Street Artists published by Laurence King Publishing. Don’t miss the chance to meet these three artists and more at the Sale Night of the Special Edition on 12 September 2013 from 6 to 9PM at 32 Paul Street, London EC2A 4LB.

Its a Stick-Up 20 Real Wheat Paste-Ups from the Worlds Greatest Street Artists
‘It’s a Stick-Up: 20 Real Wheat Paste-Ups from the World’s Greatest Street Artists’ by Olly Walker from Ollystudio. (Laurence King Publishing) £19.95.

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