Aroma of Naples

By Steph Jones

Where waves meet flames, the city of Naples sits on the southwest coast of Italy and is home to a rich past filled with tragedy and triumph. Between the Tyrrhenian Sea and Mount Vesuvius, neighbouring the buried city of Pompeii we find Naples, now crafted into a bottle of delicious scent by Gallivant simply named Naples new Eau de perfume. As the tenth fragrance in the Gallivant collection, Naples encompasses the essence of the city both past and present with the unisex scent that reveals layers of this beautiful city. Find out more in Aroma of Naples

Digging deep into the soil of Campania discover the treasures from the past, here lies in the hardened ground, elements of a city that once was; Pompeii. The roots of the silver birch feed off the ash-filled ground and explore the land from below whilst the sea breeze blows over the buildings which shelter the winding cobbled backstreets.   

The midday sun slices through brick arch structures on the buildings above illuminating the bustling street of Strada dell’Anticaglia where craftsmen work in traditional typography and bookbinding. Following now another street where shops and market stalls fold out into the narrow passage, stacked high with crib figures and ceramic statues. Artisans craft them all year round creating traditional nativity characters as well as unexpected celebrity lookalikes.   

Coils of smoke, trail into the sky from church windows where incense pebbles burn, leaving a hazy glow in the light. The comforting smell of burning wood and labdanum resin fills the air and invite us into a small chapel tucked away down a side passage. Although modest from outside the interior is decorated floor to ceiling with fresco art depicting biblical scenes framed in ornate gold. The paintings have muted tones perhaps faded over time, if you are able to get close enough you will see the seams in the limestone the days of craftmanship spent on a single piece.   

Following the fresh sea air down to a port where merchant ships line the shore, piled high with goods imported from far and wide. One ship just docked from South Asia another from the Caribbean, loaded with bags of grains, herbs and spices, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger and vetiver, another with fresh lemons being exported out the city.  

Small wooden leisure boats are scattered along the promenade and out to sea, painted in blue, white, and yellow. Out in the bay, the water is peaceful and shimmers in the sunlight, small white waves form around the rocky coves where little gulls rest in the cliffs. From out in the open sea, looking back towards land and the mountains rise high above the buildings.   

Thinking back nearly 2000 years to the catastrophic vulcano eruption where the sky became as dark as night with an ominous amber glow. Lighting up a trail, thick syrup-like magma begins to roll down the cliffs leaving a charred black trail, ignited trees filling the air with a smoked timber aroma. As the lava collides with the sea a cloud of steam appears and the flames are banished, this battle between hot and cold, light and dark is one captured in the gallivant scent, with fumencens (from olibanum)  which is obtained at high temperatures giving off burnt notes to contrast with citrus undertones.  

Gallivant are multi-award-winning fragrance makers who craft unique perfumes for urban explorers. Using handmade oils from France which are matured in England, their small-batch perfumes are adored by the wanderlust and appreciated by the homebody.  Here Aroma of Naples explores their newest fragrance.

Created with love and an appreciation for the southern Italian city, their newest fragrance ‘Naples’ comes out this October, created by Nick Steward in collaboration with Indie perfumer Luca Maffei to help wearers escape to a dream of Italy. 

With fresh citrus top notes and a smoked woody heart of guaiac, the scent has deep incense resinoid and a rich spicey soul. This exciting addition to the Gallivant collection and will be loved just like the city by those who encounter it and its unexpected character.

An olfactive journey through the highs and lows of the majestic city, Naples by Gallivant bottles the very essence of the place in glass.

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