Art of Accessorise

By Jo Phillips

Being able to express ourselves in the way we choose to present ourselves can be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn more about what we like and what we don’t like. How we dress and accessorize can say a lot about us, or at the very least, about our mood. If you want to better express yourself using your accessories, you’ll find 8 ways to do so below in our article Art of Accessorise: 

  1. Buy Handmade Accessories

How about buying handmade accessories? This is far more ethical than purchasing from a company that mass produces or one that doesn’t try to help the environment in any way, and you could be supporting a local small business or seller close to home. Many handmade accessories are like tiny works of art, and although you’ll pay more for them, the quality and uniqueness of the item make it worth it. There’s a reason shop bought accessories are often so cheap!

  1. Try To Define Your Style

Have you managed to define your style? If not, now could be the time to do so. This will make shopping for both clothes and accessories far easier. Are you a little bit grunge? Chic? Try to pick three words that you feel describe you and then stick to them when purchasing items. You can step outside of this box, of course, but it often helps you to buy things you will actually wear. 

  1. Layer Up Different Pieces 

Layering can look amazing, whether you’re creating an arm party with lots of bracelets and bangles, or layering up your necklaces. It can give a look a really boho, relaxed vibe, but can also add a bit of edge when done right. 

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4. Mix Up Feminine and Masculine Pieces 

Try mixing up both feminine and masculine pieces to add a bit of interest to your look. If you’re looking for a masculine watch, look at the history of Bulova and see what you think. This could be paired with some dainty bracelets for contrast. 

5. Add A Pop of Color

If you’re wearing muted or monochrome colors, a pop of color could really help to bring your outfit to life. See if you can add a bright color or two using your accessories. 

6. Have Fun With It

Try not to be self conscious and just experiment with different pieces and looks. You may not always get it right, but each time you will learn something about yourself and your style. The goal should be to have fun! 

7. Take Inspiration from Others 

Take inspiration from any profiles you follow on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. You can find so much style inspiration here, and it’s free! 

Expressing yourself using your accessories can be hard at first – some people say they forget to put them on, or that it’s too much hassle. With a little practice and getting into the habit of putting on your accessories in the morning, it’ll be second nature to you and you’ll start having fun. 

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