Artificial Intelligence and Beauty: A Powerful Match Made in Heaven

By Julia Mantooth

In our digital world, innovation with technology is completely changing the way we live our lives. So much so that we often fail to realize when this technology is at play. From ChatGPT writing articles to driverless cars, it all seems incredibly futuristic. However, these technologies are already present in most of our everyday lives. Think Siri and Alexa, or even a healthcare diagnosis, incorporating technologies can be the key to breaking through a saturated market. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and data automation; the possibilities are limitless. Read more in Artificial Intelligence and Beauty: A Powerful Match Made in Heaven

This technology has been constantly evolving since the 1950s, when it was defined as a machine’s ability to perform a task that would’ve previously required human intelligence. This is quite a broad definition and one that has been modified over decades of research and technological advancements. More recently, artificial intelligence describes intelligent machines and computerised systems that are able to automate tasks.

Utilising machine intelligence to see which products will work best for us is something that has been trialed many times in recent years. The eyeglass brand, Warby Parker, for example, is one brand that has made this model one of their key pillars and differentiators. Using their own laptop cameras, users can try on unique cat-eyes pointing at different angles or frames in shades of varied tortoise patterns.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this model has become wildly successful and popular. It is fascinating to see the industries and worlds in which this concept has begun to emerge, such as the beauty industry. This technology could be used to identify the perfect lip rouge or a matching shade of foundation to our skin tone.

The combination of AI and skin makeup may seem like an unexpected coupling, but it turns out that this team is a powerhouse. By adding AI technology to our cosmetics shopping routines, we may be more able to grasp the shades that work the best with our complexions. This could eliminate our personal biases and guesswork about what might look better on us and allow us to perfect our makeup routines.

Scanning the shelves in badly lit stores for foundation and trying to identify which is the perfect shade for our skin can be an immensely difficult task. It could be influenced by the lighting of the store, the settling of the product in the bottle, and so much more.

Most of us have experienced the feeling of choosing and applying what appears to be the perfect shade, only to find our faces an entirely different tone. This debacle is frustratingly common, but the cosmetics brand DCYPHER may have identified a solution.

With DCYPHER’s new My Custom Concealer, achieving a perfect shade match could be possible in just a few seconds. This product uses AI technology to measure the multidimensional skin tone of each individual customer. The AI technology tracks a section of the skin and blends a colour from all those tiny bits of information. Think of it like a Photoshop montage that collects all the slightly different, not noticeable to the human eye, facets that make up our skin.

Also, with things like blemishes, rosacea, or hyperpigmentation, this advanced technology can recognise them and understands not to add this ‘wrong ‘ information into the mix.

Once the Skin Tone Analyser has created the perfect combination of colours, the brand gives each customer a unique code for their skin tone match. This code can then be used to purchase from DCYPHER’s collection of products.

This technique is the first of its kind where skin care has been created with AI in order to achieve perfection. But this is not the first venture of its kind that DCYPHER has embarked upon. The brand also has foundation and drops, both of which utilize this skin measurement technology to match customers’ exact skin tones. This has been incredibly successful and could be a groundbreaking advancement within the beauty industry.

Newest to DCYPHER’s portfolio is the concealer, which uses the same technology to identify customers’ perfect shade.

The founders of this innovative makeup company, Adam and Claire, perfectly personify the power couple that is AI and beauty. Their combined expertise in cosmetics and technology has granted them a robust wealth of knowledge to build their brand upon.

To find out more about DCYPHER’s My Custom Concealer, please visit here

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