Aura Bottled

By Jo Phillips

Our frequency, or vibe, is what others can sense rather than see around us. A little like a radio station giving off sounds our Aura gives notice of us to others without being seen. There yet indivisible alive and vibrant but in a seeming void. We cant see it or smell it but we do it seems to sense it. But if it did have a fragrance what would it be like? Find out more in Aura bottle Here

Every human being it seems radiates a very low level of electricity called an electromagnetic field also more commonly called our Aura.

The word itself has different meanings, for example in Latin and Ancient Greek, its meaning simply is, wind, breeze or breath. Not so far away in Middle English, it meant “gentle breeze”. However, the word has become synonymous with spiritualist circles to describe a speculated subtle emanation around the body.

The aura is also very much part of ancient systems of medicine, such as Hindu scriptures like the Vedas that correlate to different elements of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

There are types of aural photography, and one is called Kirlian, which is believed to capture the aura as an egg-shaped circle around the physical body; a halo or a bubble of light surrounding the physical body.

The energy they radiate is not so dissimilar to the way a perfume radiates off of warm skin. Perfume is too invisible on the skin and can only be seen when bottles, yet a spray of this elixir becomes invisible yet its powerful aura envelops and comes to life on the body.

Jewellery maker Carrie Elizabeth had ventured into the world of elegant fragrance with her first scent understandably called Aura.

It opens with a delicious floral bouquet at the top and heart made up of  Jasmine, Peony and Lily of the Valley a rich elegant collection of notes that are honeyed yet with a slight fresh facet.

The base is all warmth and skin and luminosity with Amber, Vanilla and  Musk. The finish to this scent allows for an almost sparkling warmth not unlike the sparkle of a precious stone. Maybe even a diamond, clear yet most visible when light penetrates through. Warm creamy soft skin light with a brush of invisible elegance.

Carrie worked closely with award-winning perfumer, Cécile Hua, a Senior Perfumer at MANE, to bring her scented dream to life. The result is a soft, floral scent with an elegant warming base.

Carrie Elizabeth is a British Jewellery brand that launched her brand in October 2015. Carrie Elizabeth Dennahy had spent ten years previously working as a Fashion and Jewellery Buyer. Years travelling to New York, Asia and India looking at the world’s most beautiful jewellery, she realised that there were so many brands that she absolutely adored yet simply couldn’t afford

Realising the gap in the market, she took this moment to leave her well-established job and take a leap of faith to set up her own brand that could offer beautiful jewellery, yet priced at far more entry-level luxury.

Crafted in 14k gold vermeil, sterling silver and solid gold set with diamonds and semi-precious stones that are all ethically sourced and handmade in Jaipur India from the finest quality stones.

Additionally, they have just launched a collection of bridal & engagement rings that for the first time feature lab-grown diamonds.

The energy stones give off are seen by many to have healing qualities, the bright lightness having a frequency or vibe in the same ‘energy space’ as the Aura. The stones heal, the aura protects.

Our frequency, or vibe the aura or energy we give out to the world, is what others can sense or what attracts others to us. Perfume also works to draw people towards us as it mingles with our own unique body scent and the perfume with it creates magic all of its own

Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8PS. find out more Here If you enjoyed reading Aura Bottled then why not read I married Myself Here

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