Home Touch

By Jo Phillips

Award-winning designers Carden Cunietti announce FRI-DIY, free home interiors advice sessions to the public on Friday afternoons during lockdown. Get an insight into the perfect home touch

As the nation and the world face the realities of self-isolation, our values, lives and homes will undoubtedly change. As global travel, the fashion industry, property market, hospitality and entertainment are on hold, many will focus on smart budget-conscious renovations for their homes. 

Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti are an interior design team that have worked with Hollywood actors, musical legends and rock stars and fashion royalty over two decades. Now as their response to Covid 19, they’re offering free consultations on Friday afternoons. Conscious that some ambitious home improvers may wish to seek advice during lockdown, award-winning interior designers Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti announce FRI-DIY, free home interiors advice sessions to the public on Friday afternoons via a 20-minute video chat consultation and advise on how the caller can improve their space. They encourage members of the public to send images beforehand of a room and a one-paragraph brief of what they hope to achieve and images via their website. Whether they are seeking suggestions on colour scheme, home furnishings, upscaling furniture and materials and how to make the most of a room or space on a budget, Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti will be on hand to make those calls. 

Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti established their interior design agency in the 90s, which evolved from their destination atelier in Notting Hill, an emporium filled with one-off design pieces and antiques. Since starting Carden Cunietti as a consultancy, they have built a solid industry reputation industry for their glamour and gloss. The commissions, awards and the respect of their peers followed suit. They are known for their signature sumptuous and vibrant commercial and residential interiors around the world as they are for their strict discretion regarding their A-list Oscar-winning and rock ’n’ roll royalty clientele. 

Eleanora explained that during the current lockdown, she and Audrey (and their team) have been inundated with advice requests from friends and associates asking about interior design, home improvements and how they can set-up a home office to work from home. It occurred to them that many savvy, in-the-know friends and acquaintances were less confident that they thought and were used to employing workmen to execute home improvements. After their many years of industry experience, they decided that they could reach out and offer suggestions and debunk some of the fears and misconceptions about interior design. 

The focus will be on the overall concept and cosmetics rather than reconstruction, with suggestions on colour, accessories and elegant up-cycling rather than construction, plumbing and electrical advice. “The intention is to help people create a more beautiful space to live in while we’re self-isolating, not casualties and disasters,” smiles Audrey by way of explanation. 

Interior spaces affect our moods, our ability to work and our physical comfort. As we work from home more, our virtual and physical spaces will combine and people will be more conscious of how they are perceived. “We’re happy to advise and open out little black book. We are there as advisers and as we work with independent artisans and craftspersons who will need the work when lockdown ends, we would be delighted to be able to recommend them and help get them back to work when lockdown ends.”

FRI-DIY will commence on 4pm on Friday 15 May in which the public can reserve their free advice session via  cc@carden-cunietti.com or via instagram @cardencunietti

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