Home Comforts

By Catheryne Kelly

Ah, the unmatchable experience of a manicure and pedicure! After months without society it seems to be a happy but distant memory. As restrictions begin to ease it’s certainly at the top of our priorities list. No doubt, you’ll want your first step out of lockdown to be taken with pampered feet and your first opportunity after months of stagnation to be grasped with two treated hands.

Now what what if we told you, you could indulge in a spa-standard treatment in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price? Why wait for normality in the world outside? May we introduce Remove and Chill by The Sign Tribe. When it comes to Home Comforts, this brand has you and your nails covered.

Boasting the name Remove and Chill are two revolutionary nail care products: one nail polish remover cream and a set of reusable nail polish remover pads. Each is truly the first of its kind.

First up is the Remove and Chill nail polish eraser cream. It is a recyclable and cruelty free substitute to acetone nail polish remover, without the eye-watering chemical smell. Enriched with macadamia, almond, argan and sesame oil, vitamin E and premium waxes it’s also ultra-nourishing and keeps your nails hydrated and strong. Presented in a travel-safe tube, you’ll be able to treat your nails in or out of lockdown; any time, anywhere!

The Remove and Chill nail polish remover pads are another godsend for not only your nails but the environment as well. Ditch those unsustainable single-use cotton pads and opt for this reusable, recyclable tin of three multi-use rounds. You’re able to get twenty-five uses out of each pad, which are made from solvent-resistant material. After use, just wash with soap and save for next, after next, after next time! Pair with the Remove and Chill nail polish eraser cream for some responsible TLC.

It’s disheartening to think that so many of us have overlooked self-care in the past months. With Remove and Chill, make up for the neglect of your nails and make a change in your beauty routine towards sustainability at the same time. Make time for yourself with products that master luxury through a resourceful and eco-friendly outlook.

Available to purchase online on The Sign Tribe website.

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