Do You Consider Yourself a Good Tooth-Brusher?

By Carla Rosca

Brushing your teeth might seem like just another tick on your daily to-do list, but there’s more swirling around in that foamy mouthful than you might expect. It’s not just about keeping those cavities at bay or making sure you’re minty fresh for your next close encounter. Brushing your teeth is a fundamental part of our daily routine, reflecting habits that have been important for health and hygiene for thousands of years.

Now, let’s get personal. Do you remember your first toothbrush? Was it chosen because of a cool colour or perhaps a favourite cartoon character on the handle? As children, many of us were introduced to brushing our teeth as a borderline ceremonial act, complete with parental supervision and enthusiastic demonstrations. 

Fast forward to today, and how has your approach changed? Are you a steadfast manual brusher, or have you ventured into the realm of electric enchantments?

The history of how we’ve been brushing our teeth is an interesting one to look at. It is a vivid tale of innovation born out of necessity. It began thousands of years ago with the Miswak stick, an ingenious natural tool favoured by ancient civilizations like the Babylonians and Egyptians for its antibacterial properties. Fastforward to mediaeval times in Europe, bone and bristle brushes were used, crafted from the most rudimentary materials. With the industrial era, the toothbrush saw revolutionary changes with the introduction of the first mass-produced models in the 18th century, making dental care more accessible to the general public. 

Even with all the evolutions and trials of learning how to brush our teeth that we’ve gone through, many of us still don’t brush our teeth in the best way possible. 

Despite advancements in dental technology and widespread access to information, common issues like brushing too hard, not brushing long enough, or neglecting certain areas of the mouth remain prevalent. It’s clear that while our tools have evolved, our techniques could still use some refinement.

For instance, achieving a pristine clean isn’t just about brushing; it’s about how you brush. Each tooth deserves attention, gentle, circular motions that coax out the plaque without irritating your gums. 

Yet, there’s an elephant in the room with even the most diligent brushing routine: the environmental impact. Toothbrushes, essential as they are, account for an alarming amount of discarded plastic.

Consider this: if everyone follows the recommended practice of replacing their toothbrush every three months, we’re talking about mountains of plastic heading straight for landfills each year.

This design significantly reduces waste without compromising the quality of oral hygiene. Such innovations are supported by solid research, including studies by Prof Ashley from UCL Eastman and Brett Duane from Trinity College, Dublin. Their findings suggest that manual toothbrushes with replaceable heads are not only better for our health but are also the most sustainable option available today, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing hygiene efficacy.

But Tooth Angel’s commitment doesn’t stop at toothbrushes. Their product line extends to include the Tooth Angel Floss, made from recycled bottles and infused with Hydroxyapatite and Xylitol, which protects against plaque and decay with a gentle touch. Also, their Tooth Angel Toothpaste offers a unique blend of Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite from Italy, postbiotics, and natural enhancers like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Available in intriguing flavours such as Wild English Mint and Cinnamon Mint, these toothpaste tubes are crafted from sugarcane and are fully recyclable, embodying the brand’s dedication to health and sustainability.

Perhaps our quest throughout the years hasn’t only been to clean well, which Tooth Angel assists with but we’ve also aimed for that clear and bright smile.

While many may hesitate to try at-home teeth whitening due to fears of damaging their teeth or gums, Mr. Bright provides a reassuring alternative.

Their innovative formula is not only free from hydrogen peroxide, which is often linked to sensitivity and discomfort, but also incorporates naturally powerful ingredients that safely brighten your smile. This careful blend ensures that enhancing your dental aesthetics doesn’t come at the cost of your oral health.

Mr. Bright commitment to natural and gentle solutions means you can achieve that sought-after sparkle without the worry. The brand has crafted a product line that stands as a beacon for those apprehensive about traditional whitening methods. 

It’s designed for everyday people seeking significant results with minimal risk, making the dream of flaunting a brighter, whiter smile from home not just possible, but also pleasant and safe. 

Credits to Tooth Angel & Mr. Bright

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