Barebones; Not so Normal

By Jo Phillips

Who doesn’t love glitter, rainbows, feathers and a disco beat? If not that then what about fried eggs and sausages with a side of beans?  Scott Corbett the creative director of the lusted after brand Paperchase, spotted the work of designer and gay icon Philip Normal. After discovering the designer’s t-shirts at his shop in Brixton, Scott Corbett knew it was going to be a perfect fit to collaborate with Paperchase.

Hence, featuring multi-coloured faux fur and glittery slogan pencil cases that are brightly coloured on bags, lunchboxes, water bottles, furry clipboards stationery, key rings, iron-on patches and postcards… all coated in the above mention iconography that is so camp, so British and so brilliantly fun.

Paperchase to launch collaboration with Philip Normal

Initially studying  fashion at Westminster University, Philip Normal opened his firstshop in Camden in 2008. His pop culture design influences stretch from Mickey Mouse to Britney and Pat Butcher, wrapped in tongue in check humour and current affairs, and don’t forget to add a rainbow (preferably in glitter), a slogan t-shirts and Bob’s your uncle you have Philip down to a T.

This is a  limited edition stationery-focused collaboration full to the brim with colour texture which is going to be a laugh a minute.


Speaking of new, exciting and fun products, the notorious chocolate brand Maltesers have two innovative creations in store.

Mother company Mars Incorporated has been leading its multiple brand company to success. First manufactured in the UK in 1937, Maltesers, has been treating our taste buds since its first creation. Now, it has new revamped, adding Maltesers Buttons and Maltesers Truffles to it’s collection!

Sharing Bag

Maltesers Buttons promises a more indulgent bitesize eating experience with a higher ratio of chocolate to malt than the traditional composition. But fear not, as the ingredients are the same and the crunch is as dominant and as crunchy as ever.

The Maltesers Truffles adds a surprise to the traditional recipe. You are in for a treat with the new creamy truffle texture blended with its melty and crunchy flavours that we are used to as the chocolate is devoured.

However, Malteser is not the only brand giving their products a new boost, as Dr. Oetker is also adding a novice invention to its long list of products and recipes.

The latest creation are two new additions to Dr. Oetker’s “Yes It’s Pizza” frozen pizza flavours. This time the brand brings more than just new tastes but also fun, no gluten and a lot of colour. The vegetable dough base pizzas are easy to make, easy to eat, to share and obviously easy on the eyes, making it a colourful variation to your ultimate favourite round meal.


You also have the option between a pink pizza, which is 35% pure beetroot based, topped with zucchini, smoked ham, cheese and red onion. If pink isn’t really your thing, there’s also an option for green pizza! The green pizza’s base is made of 35% pure spinach and topped with creamy mozzarella and more veggies like broccoli and mushrooms.

Different but same is what these products represent, as they are different and innovative creations of the things we know and love like chocolate, pizza, keychains and pencil cases. New prints, new flavours and new coloured items that are deliciously eatable are the not so normal, but much praised.


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