Barebones; Silver Lake Drive

By Jo Phillips


Conscientious mise-en-scene illustrating the cinematic glamour of human life.

Alex Prager’s renowned aerial perspectives of the human subject matter, or extreme close ups of characters wearing hyper styled costumes and makeup with exaggerated gestures plastered on, are often part of Prager’s open-ended narrative style.

What can be described as movement for visual artists out there, Prager who has the ability to encapsulate Alfred Hitchcock’s cinematography, William Eggleston’s-like technicolour photography, and be reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s paintings of the modern American life; With mid-twentieth century influences of Hollywood cinema, pop culture, fashion, and street photography, it is not a wonder that self taught photographer and filmmaker Alex Prager’s hyper saturated techni-coloured work of the mundane are more than a aesthetic.

Factitious and voyeuristic undertones design a hyperbole of dark and dramatic intensity, channelling for a very emotional experience for any viewer with 224 pages worth of her work expanding the entire course of her prosperous career, the release of the ‘Silver Lake Drive’ photo book is an essential collectible for any photographic, cinematic and visual art enthusiasts out there!

And for anyone in town, The Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive Exhibition will also be open at The Photographers Gallery in London, since June 15th until October 14th 2018. For more information click here to visit The Photographer Gallery’s website.

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