Better Together

By Bella Pallett

The world of fashion is forever evolving; the collaborations, new initiatives and innovative takes on luxury fashion mean that there is always something big on the horizon to look out for. And when brands put their creativity and high-level craft together in collaboration, it is clear that we are bigger and better together.

From the runway to the street, luxury fashion brand Lanvin is always exploring the big possibilities of men’s fashion. Creative Director Bruno Sialelli has ventured into exploring modern urban adventures with the new capsule collection Poetry In Motion. Aiming to create a new sense of luxury through the elevation of the daily wardrobe, these garments are intended to be worn day-to-day.

better together

Through taking inspiration from Hugh Holland, the pioneer photographer in 1970’s California, the collection captures an urban adventure through the lens of Djiby Kebe. The French photographer and skateboarder capture the essence of the garments through a series of images that show the collection styled and worn. Inspired by skateboarding, the collection aims to make the wearer feel carefree whilst they go on their urban adventures.

With expert tailoring, this luxury collection uses fabrics and materials such as silk, merino wool and virgin wool. Putting a twist on classic jackets, some have zipped pockets whilst others have lost their sleeves, resulting in a whole new sense of innovation for the iconic pieces. Also featuring accessories such as hats, bags and even skateboards, the collection is designed to prepare you for your next adventure.

better together

Synonymous with elegance, style and sophistication, luxury fashion brand Judith Leiber has paired up with Lanvin to illuminate the success of both fashion houses. Debuting during Paris Fashion Week to show how the two are bigger and better together, the five Lanvin looks were paired with Leiber’s exclusive handbags to emphasise the big amount of craftsmanship and artistry that the brands both put into their pieces.

By coming together in collaboration as Lanvin x Judith Leiber, the two brands, that were started by strong women, have shared the gift of creativity, artistry and determination as they have fought to earn their spot in the big world of fashion.

The Re-Pete Project is a circular fashion label that creates timeless and durable outerwear. Crafted using recycled single-use plastic waste, all of the garments are designed to be fully recyclable so that they can be broken down and remade into something brand new, without ever having to go to a landfill.

The founder, Katie Walsh, is a fashion designer who has become alarmed by the catastrophic toll the industry has taken on the environment. Vowing to be a part of the solution and not the problem, she started a journey into the heart of the Circular Economy where garments are designed to make a positive impact on the natural world.

This lead to the curation of The Re-Pete Project where principles of
sustainability, zero-waste, protection and versatility became the core of the brand. By forming partnerships with like-minded companies such as London based sustainable designer Mala Siamptani to hand-make her toggles from used plastic milk cartons donated by local London eateries, Katie has ensured that every component is made with recycled materials.

Further emphasising how we are bigger and better together, designer Suzannah London has collaborated with Artist Rob Ryan on a limited-edition dress and scarf entitled ‘I Can’t Forget’. Symbolising freedom and wildness, Ryan explains the design is about the feeling of dizzy excitement. Much like climbing a tree and seeing the world from a whole new perspective, the rush of excitement and danger of falling is crafted together in harmony.

The design appears on the signature Suzannah shirt-dress which uses GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Society, certified organic cotton. Ensuring their commitment to sustainability, the organic cotton meets all of the requirements for the processing standard, and the design is printed using a GOTS certified printing technique. The print also appears on an Italian silk scarf, digitally printed and finished with traditional hand-roll edging perfect for gifting and accessorising.

Invited to celebrate design and innovation, the finalists for the 2022 International Woolmark Prize have been selected. Using the theme ‘Play’, the finalists will present a Merino wool collection for Autumn/Winter 2022, and alongside partner Common Objective, will build a sustainability roadmap for the production of their imagined collection.

Each finalist has received a $60,000 grant for the development of their Merino collection with the hope to go on to win one of two prizes. One finalist will win the International Woolmark Prize as well as $200,000 to invest in the development of their business. A separate finalist will be rewarded The Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation and $100,000.

Hoping to celebrate forward-thinking, design and innovation, the theme ‘Play’ invites the finalists to experiment with textiles, design and progressive business practices to drive change and innovation for a more conscious future. The winners will be selected by a prestigious panel of industry experts in April 2022.

The extravagant collaborations and new initiatives constantly appearing on the horizon perfectly capture the artistry of craft and demonstrate how we are so much bigger and better together. By combining skills and ideas, there is no telling what will appear next as brands continue to work together.

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