Better Together

By Steph Jones

When big brands use their position to leverage smaller creatives, sharing their expertise, creativity can thrive, becoming better together. With Alexander McQueen’s creative director, Sarah Burton returning home to the city of London, specifically East London, in a recent catwalk show we are reminded of the brand’s origin and connection to the community. Supporting local creative programs has always been a big part of the brands past, nurturing the youth and boosting creative diversity. A Team Arts Education, the most recent organization to be supported by Alexander McQueen, aids young people in their creative journey when school systems fail to meet their needs.

Photograph by Liam Leslie

Alexander McQueen will support this organisation over the next year with funding and a week of live classes in design, textile and embroidery from brand professionals as part of ‘The Explore Programme’ which introduces youngsters to new creative specialisms.

Providing a creative outlet for young people who would otherwise not have access to this environment is vital for the future of the creative industries.

Located in Tower Hamlet, the organisation encourages students to explore their own identities and cultures through their work, looking to the future to make the art and fashion world representative of everyone.

Photography by Liam Leslie

Helping to open doors towards higher education and connected to Central Saint Martin’s Insights Programme, A Team Arts Education helps young creative progress beyond the organisation and into creative careers.

Lee McQueen grew up in east London and came from humble beginnings, he was always creative but left school early with a single O-level in art. He understood that his success was partly owed to the creative individuals around him that believed and supported him on his journey. The brand has continued in its legacy to support young people and organisations like The A Team Arts that fuel creativity within London.

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