Bloom: Blooming Brands

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

The sweet scent of summer is slowly drifting into the air and here at .Cent we are looking at a few new launches of perfume and the beauty scene that is hitting the shelves this Spring, This includes new launches from established and newer brands, make-up for charity and of course who is blooming:


This July Penhaligon’s will launch No.33, a Celebration of Penhaligon’s 145th year heritage. Named after a Penhaligon’s boutique at No.33 St James’ street, the Cologne is based around an aromatic composition of lavender and opens in an aromatic burst of crisp citrus, rustic armoire and clary sage alongside a bracing lavender note. Incredibly smooth, the heart is enriched by warming pepper, ginger, cardamom and fresh, rosy geranium, tobacco, cedar and vetiver add dry smokiness, balanced by the restrained sweetness of tonic, amber and vanilla. a contemporary celebration of lavender in all its bracing charm.

The iconic perfume house was established in 1870. William Penhaligon, the founder,  built a reputation for his unique approach to fine perfumery, combining imagination with inspiration from all around the world, using high quality ingredients and innovative formulations.  To this day, Penhaligon’s  continues to create original and pioneering fragrances, celebrating and building upon their founder’s legacy. Lavender has been an essential component of numerous Penhaligon scents since 1870 and it continues to play a key role in several of the perfume house’s creations to this day. Constructing the aromatic composition of No. 33 around lavender seemed only natural, when launching a fragrance to celebrate the perfume’s house 145th anniversary.

PENHALIGONSartwork copy

Atelier Des Ors: Five perfumes created by Atelier Des Ors and Marie Salamagne

Atelier Des Ors: reinterprets the heritage of French Haute Perfumery with a new line of five modern, magnetic, passionate, elegant and sophisticated fragrances. Perfume -per fumum- has been first associated to divinity. Just like gold in every civilisation.  Values they stand for are reunited in their fragrances. Atelier Des Ors: poetically magnifies each of its creations in a glittering ballet of stardust.

Aube Rubis: Inspired by the life cycle and dawn, Aube Rubis is celebration to life and light. A sparkling prelude of grapefruit and blackcurrant speaks of early morning coolness. The fragrance closes on a rich warm with the sensual elegance of sage and the earthy patchouli. An attractive and addictive woody fruity fragrance built around the very facet and luxurious patchouli Prisma, dressed with sensual and elegant vetiver.
Lune FelineLike a magnetic star it captures everyone’s attention. It intermingles vibrant accords of warm spices melting with intense and precious woods in heart.
Rose Omeyyade: Inspired by the precious Damask Rose it is a resounding ode to sensuality and refinement with amber and woody accord.
Cuir Sacre: The leathery wood notes glorified with saffron and vetiver. That powerful and vibrating fragrance was designed as an Andalusian dreamy thought strolling the old town of Cordoba.
Larmes Du Desert: A captivating fragrance. A spiritual nectar blending the sensuality of noble amber and magical myrrh with the mysterious spiciness of incense.

TBDartworkedAesopLamb’s Store, Conduit Street

In early April, Aesop announced the opening of  a Distinctive new store on Lambs Conduit street in London’s west end, created in collaboration with local design studio James Plumb. Clients can explore and select from a complete range of skin, hair and body care products, distinguished by botanical and laboratory- generated ingredients of highest quality.

Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque: A formulation containing Bentonite and Kaolin clay to draw out impurities and to address excess sebum without leaving the skin feeling stripped. This is the ideal product to use in hot or  humid climates, throughout the warmer months, and for those residing in urban environments.
Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum: A smoothing Aloe Vera combining with balancing Ylang Ylang  create The perfect formulation to leave all of skin types smooth, soft and shine-free every days.
Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol: Suitable for tired skin, it offers refreshing relief for dehydrated skin. The formulation’s uplifting blend of steam-distilled botanicals includes Rose Otto to hydrate the skin and Moroccan Chamomile to soothe.

aesopartworkedJimmy Choo: Illicit

Illicit: From Perfumer Anna Flipo, Jimmy Choo presents another stunning perfume. This fragrance aims to awaken the senses, create confidence. With florals like rose and jasmine alongside hints of ginger intertwined with sandalwood. This fragrance melts into the skin. ‘Truly Divine, Truly Illicit’

“Illicit embodies the daring spirit of the Jimmy Choo woman. She is alluring, hypnotic and lives her life to the full. Sky perfectly portrays these qualities with her uninhibited personality and appetite for fun.” Sandra Choi, Creative Director Jimmy Choo.

jimmychooartworkedChantecaille: Fall 2015 and New Bio Lifting Cream

This fall, inspired by the way the wolf dominates the forests and the mystery that surrounds them. Chantecaille introduce Protect The Wolves Eye Shade Trio: That infuses forests colours of evergreen, ash grey ‘timber wolf’ and blacks ‘midnight’ to create a pallet that is beautiful together or individually. Along side this is the Ella cheek colour that leave the skin with a moonlight glow. All products are Cruelty-Free, fragrance-free, lanolin-free, phthalate-free and paraben-free.Now that wolves have been reintroduced into the wild and are seen as un-endangered Chatecaille have taken it upon themselves to help the wolves, within this 5% of all proceeds will be given to the Northwest Conservation Growth.

NEW Bio Lifting Cream + is the new Anti-Age, Bio Lifting Cream from Chantecaille. This is the supercharged version of there iconic cream. With double of everything the cream re-shapes, de-age and of course re-plump the skin.The new Bio Lifting Cream is infused with five different plant steam cells. This creates the soothing and hydrating aspect of the product that protects while keeping the skin weatherproof. With anti-wrinkle Hexapeptide the look of wrinkles are reduced by 32% within the first month, Matrixyl 3000 Tripeptide that reduce the look for wrinkles by 45% and of course the Bionymph Peptide Steam Cell Extract what else could be better for making your skin look new and lifted.


Paula’s Choice: Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster  

With a philosophy of keeping a commitment of customer advocacy and education Paula’s Choice aim to provide you with one brands for all skincare needs. Founded by Paula Begoun who is a goddess in the beauty world and author of over 20 books including ‘Don’t Go To The Cosmetic’s Counter Without Me’ and ‘The Original Beauty Bible’ within this Paula has personally trained all of the team at Paula’s Choice to make sure her and the customers expectations to the highest standard. Paula says “Our only goal is to help you find the absolute best products for your skin.”

Paula’s Choice launched a new wrinkle reducer on the 13th of May. The Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster is lightweight and has a non-greasy finish.  Designed to keep moisture locked in and plumps the skin. The plump is a result of the hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs within the body helps build a stronger barrier within the skin stops the ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. The product helps fight wrinkles, fix damaged skin simply add a few drops into your daily moisture for full effects.


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