Blue Skies and Sunshine

By Lola Castagna

Marc Jacobs is a name that potentially needs no introduction. From clothes, to handbags, accessories to makeup and perfume he is a fashion legend known for bringing a little ‘tongue and cheek‘ humour into fashion. The man, the myth, the icon himself has played a big part in the world of fashion and design. Since he was a kid Marc Jacobs had an eye for designing and creating clothes; a spirit that was encouraged by his grandmother leading him to be who he is today. His love for design and his eye for style lead to him starting his own very successful brand; in time he decided to branch out into the world of perfumery creating his very famous Daisy fragrance as well as others. Now he’s done it again and has created a limited edition perfume line called Daisy Skies that is three new scent combinations all inspired by the lovely sky. Find out more in Blue Skies and Sunshine.

Photograph by Harry Stohill

Marc Jacobs has always had a hunger for design which was nourished at Parsons School for Design located in New York City. At this prestigious fashion college he excelled so much that he received the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award and Design Student of the Year which was a vey high honour from his school. Marc Jacobs went from working for the cult store Charivari to designer Perry Ellis where weirdly enough him getting sacked lead to his big break.

At Perry Ellis in 1992 Marc Jacobs brought ‘grunge’ to the runway. Do you remember grunge? It was the time of Nirvana and teen spirit with loose fitting clothes, flannel checked shirts and a general ’emo’ feel to fashion. So as you can imagine the fashion journalist were not best amused. So Jacobs got fired by the brand but made an enormous name for himself at the same time.

 Then he built his own successful brand Marc Jacobs and Marc as a diffusion (younger more modest price point) line. The brand never solely focused on clothing, but extended to handbags, shoes, and perfumery. In 2007 Marc Jacobs launched his very popular perfume Daisy; which is still around today and a very popular scent.

Throughout the years he has created many different perfumes such as Perfect and Daisy Love each one as successful as the last, and now he’s done it again.  Marc Jacobs has released a limited edition Daisy Skies line that has 3 different perfumes: Daisy Marc Jacobs Skies Limited Edition, Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Skies Limited Edition, and finally Daisy Love Marc Jacobs Skies Limited Edition. This line is inspired by the sky and glorious sunlight with each perfume giving you a different version of a perfect day outside. 

If you’re looking for a fresh new perfume that mixes water with flowers like when you step outside after the spring showers. You know what I’m talking about right? After it’s rained and you get a whiff of it, and when you look around everything’s wet, but the sun is shining now and you can feel the warmth on your face and see the water droplets on the petals of flowers all around.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Skies Limited Edition has top notes of quince, violet leaves, and mineral accord these are the scents we smell first and the ones that vanish the quickest. The middle notes are of lotus flower, nature print, jasmine, and violet these notes are used to blend the top and base notes. Finally, there are the base notes (the foundation of the presumes scent) seaweed abs, musk, and sandalwood these scents will last the longest because they soak into your skin.

However, if you’re looking for a more fresh spring day there is Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Skies Limited Edition. This perfume starts off with top notes of grapefruit, blue tea, nature print, and gooseberry. Those notes blend with broom, chamomile oil, and violet nicely layered on top of the foundation scents cedarwood, musk, and tea tree accord. Blend it all together and you get a lovely spring day. Blue Skies and Sunshine with bees buzzing, birds chirping, and if you can picture it a field of tulips that have just started blooming. 

And if you don’t like spring showers or clear spring days not to worry because this line also has a beach day. Daisy Love Marc Jacobs Skies Limited Edition has top notes cloudberry, salt accord, and raspberry. These scents then blend with tree daisy, whipped cream, and ambrette flower are layered on top of the base notes crystal moss, blond woods, and amber. With the combination of these scents, it brings the spring beach day scent to life. Can you picture it now the beach with the salty sweet tones hitting your nose the warm sand and the air of relaxation. Marc Jacobs brought irreverent, fun, and playfulness to all that he does.

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