Boden icons

By Jo Phillips

The well-known brand Boden has for several seasons created the Icon range, which allows the brand to reach out to a slightly wider audience. It’s a collection inspired by a different theme each season and past seasons have already explored iconic London and the last days of the Raj. This season Icons SS17 collection, launching on the 10th of May offers a limited edition capsule of luxe and carefully crafted pieces. From naive prints, 70s hippie feel with modern day sensibility, blazers, pencil skirts, maxi dresses and blouses, it is a collection dominated by pale pink and navy with mustard accents, putting the emphasis of the collection on the textiles and the feel of the fabrics.

The brand initially founded in 1991 by Johnnie Boden (launching with menswear), but the brand is more commonly known for being the outfitter of choice for the middle classes: think Sloane Rangers and First Ladies (Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron are both fans). But the success of the company is not something to be sniffed at, especially since its £280m in sales earned Mr. Boden a place on The Sunday Times’ Rich List.

Certainly, the edition of limited edition capsule collections has raised the bar significantly in the past few seasons. It is one of those fashion editor insider brands, look carefully during London Fashion Week and you will spot lots of the best editors sporting a little something from the ranges.

With a carefree bohemian feel, the Boden Icons SS17 collection represents and is made for the rising creative youth of today, overall advocating a natural beauty and free-spiritedness through the lens of early 20th century Cafe society where the aristocracy mingled with designers and other creatives. Probably one of the most creative eras ever, it spawned so much literature art and dance which we still celebrate today.

17WSUM_WW293_MUL_W01_203 copy

The Margot midi dress and Palazzo pants are the perfect rainbow coloured companion for a summer night’s party, with a gust of wind giving voluminous shape to the micro-pleated fabric. They are bold, fresh, young and go well paired with the navy Grace silk camisole.

Graceful, classic and quaint wallpaper prints are flaunted in pale pink the Grace silk blouse, which represents British elegance aptly. This print is also seen on the pale pink long sleeve Grace silk midi dress, suitable for day wear in the summer. For someone who would rather flaunt their toned and sun-kissed arms, the mint green spaghetti strap Grace silk maxi dress is a better fit and perfect for a dreamy look.

The turquoise Grace silk blouse with its ruffle details along the collar and buttons brings invigorating tropical vibes to any outfit.

The Greta classic pencil skirt and top with ruffle sleeves, as well as the Greta body-con dress and long sleeved dress with ruffle detail, have a beautifully intricate pattern with flame red detail on a pitch black surface, accented by pale pink lines.

17WSUM_WE609_NAV_W01_310 copy_opt

The army influence comes through strongly in the Florence embroidered jacket, Florence embroidered chinos and the Rita jacket. Through embroidery reminiscent of medallions, a Nehru collar and strict cropped tailoring the pieces feel authentic but wearable at the same time.

The Evelyn jumpsuit with its saturated guipure lace floral pattern on a black base has trumpet sleeves and wide-legged trousers, but the low V-neck keeps it youthful. The Eleanor silk maxi dress has a yellow striped ribbon going around it for contrast creating a contemporary, sporty effect on the flower print.

Rita pencil skirt has vine hand embroidery for a hippie-esque effect and a slit at the front. The Celeste silk dress in navy with short wide sleeves follows a body-con shape and has a bold flower pattern along the sides.

17WSUM_WW299_IVO_W01_131 copy_opt

Anita jumper is a youthful piece with a naive flower print and will no doubt be lovely to wear on colder summer days. The Joan dress has a bell shape and its small flower embroidery at the hem and in the neckline is a quaint addition to an otherwise clean white dress, bringing back the 50s.

The collection also includes three pairs of strappy stilettos with Maude being the pink patterned pair and Martha in olive green as well as Martha in navy, echoing the feel of the garments and finishing off the outfit.

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