BOHEMIA: Free Spirit

By Jo Phillips

Free spirits do not stop for the world. Untamed and wild, they trek through the wilderness only stopping to look at the unravelling beauty beneath their feet – a gateway to a new world. Moving away from the city scene and delving into the wilderness, The Outsiders and The Great Wide Open both capture awe striking nature photographs for all those dreamers and free spirits who yearn for the unseen corners of the globe.

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The Great Wide Open by Gestalten encourages the young adventurer to get out there and capture the moment. Their motto – “pack your bags and don’t forget your camera” – is encouragement enough for those who want to seek refuge in the unseen corners of the globe and who want to live life to the fullest.

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Beautiful scenery that your eyes cannot comprehend draws you into its intimacy and natural environment; you start to feel slowly disconnected from the man-made world and from its distractions.  This book depicts the beauty of visual art and a journey from the most breathtaking places on earth.

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In contrast to the hectic city life, the featured photographs depict wonderful rural sites from Mongolia to Peru.  Follow their every footstep with a turn of a page and ponder the infinite skies, deadly forests, and stretches and stretches of land.

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The Great Wide Open brings to light the new age of explorers and adventurers still following the same path many have taken in the past, but now fresher and revived, this book opens up many doors to the new beginner and dreamer, to go out there and take a chance. Read detailed stories and anecdotes behind the photographs, from tales of coffees around the camp fire to pitching tents.

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The Great Wide Open features a series of personal touches to a detached set of photographs, full of life and bursting with every aspect of story telling. Designer and illustrator Jeremy Bowman co-edited both of these book. He has reshaped this book with his own experiences, views, and stories.

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These images capture an eternal beauty of adventures from unexplored, neglected destinations. Humans inhabit the wilderness by creating a home entirely out of the resources they find out in the wilderness. Minute homes are expanded into many shapes and forms, with converted mobile homes, caravans, trucks, and vans to break that barrier between humans and nature.

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From the conclusion that forests should not only be used as timber, tree tents have been created in order to provide installation in cooler climates for adventurous campers. This is created entirely from hybrid aluminium, green ash wood, and cotton canvas skin.

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More and more people are disconnecting themselves from their crazy lives by turning to peace and quiet. The Outsiders showcases passions and inspirations from its development along with its original products, ideas and brands. Brands are in the race to portray modern images of the adventurer and traveller.  This is done in an engaging, cooler, lighter, and altogether radical style.

image 7Alongside its rich visual images, The Outsiders feature interviews from key outdoor individuals, such as Vincent Stanley, Benji Wagner, and many more to talk about their experiences.

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With these beautiful atmospheric graphic images, this is a go to book for all the adventurers, dreamers and explorers who are wanting to chase their dreams amongst the landscapes and natural beauties around the globe.



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