BOHEMIA: Iconic Stills

By Shannon Brien

Bohemia is often associated with the care free days of the 1960s and 1970s where men and women let their hair down (literally) and allowed their creativity to flourish. It is during this time where high profile artists began to highlight parts of society that were often ignored.

“More than perhaps any other photographer from this often stereotyped decade, David Hurn presents one of the most authentic and visually exciting essays on the 1960s that I have encountered”, says Tony Nourmand, Editor in Chief, RAP.

UNITED KINGDOM. England. London. 1962. Swiss actress Ursula Andress.© David Hurn / Magnum

Hurn, a self taught photographer and photojournalist known for his coverage of the Hungarian revolution 1956 is one of Magnum’s most prominent photographers whose portfolio includes commissioned shots of James Bond star Sean Connery and Jane Fonda in Barbarella.

He has dabbled in both popular photography and documentary, establishing the School of Documentary Photography in Wales before returning to personal photography, revealing in his book Wales: Land of my Father that “I consider myself simply a recorder of that which I find of interest around me. I personally have no desire to create or stage direct ideas.”

LON7485© David Hurn / Magnum

Hailed as one of Britain’s most distinguished and resepected photogrpahers who captivated a wide range of insightful, unique stills in one of the 2o century’s iconic periods, The 1960s: Photographed by David Hurn, Reel Art Press, is a dedication to the Magnum photographer and an account of his achievements over an astonishing career and will be available October 23rd here.

Hurn cover© David Hurn / Magnum

Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado is famed for his realistic and candid stills and social documentary photography of impoverished nations. Abandoning a career as an economist, he became a photojournalist working with esteemed agencies such as Sygma and Gamma before leaving Magnum to form his own agency, Amazonas Images.

Other Americas is a collection of his award winning works presented by the Print Sales Gallery. These black and white photographs provide a glimpse into the lives of everyday people living in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico during a period of industrial growth, social differences and political tension.

Other Americas 1977-1984Sebastião Salgado, Mexico, 1980 © Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas Images/ nb pictures. Courtesy of The Photographers’ Gallery

“When I began this body of work in 1977 after some years of adventure in Europe and Asia, my only desire was to return to my beloved land – to this Latin America so dear and profound. Here dignity and poverty ride on the same horse. The struggle for survival is very difficult, and man, a hard beast, faces it from birth till death, always with signs of resolution” says Salgado.

Other Americas 1977-1984Sebastião Salgado, Guatemala, 1978 © Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas Images/ nb pictures. Courtesy of The Photographers’ Gallery

This body of work links geographically separated subjects in terms of social, religious and cultural experiences, revealing their sense of pride even when faced with deprivation and adversity. They are proof that during periods of harshness and cruelty, romance and tenderness can still be found.

Other Americas is on at The Photographers Gallery until Nov 1.



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