Fields of Beauty

By Jo Phillips

When we think about the numerous products we use on our delicate faces it is not often that we think of apple cider vinegar, if ever, but those clever ladies at skincare and lifestyle brand Amly are bringing to market just that.

They have just launched two new facial essences: Meadow Dew and Nocturnal Nectar. Both formulated with bio-fermented apple cider vinegar, Meadow Dew and Nocturnal Nectar are each brimming with amino acids and antioxidants that serve to hydrate, soften and nourish the skin. Both facial essences contain a heavenly mix of skin-beautifying botanicals and bioactives.

But how did their story start and how did they come about utilising this most interesting of natural ingredients? Well, actually it all started with water..natural spring water to be precise.

One of the families moved to a farm in search of a closer relationship to nature and discovered a source of pure mineral-rich spring water flowing beneath the meadow, enriching the plant life that grew and it was from this that two friends Lisa Smallpeice and Kerry Moore got together and created an award-winning brand called AMLY. This is the name of a wildflower meadow that flourishes on their organic farm.

“In 2014 we invited a renowned dowser to search for spring water under our land so that we could nourish our family, plants and animals with ‘living’ water. Thankfully, he sourced a natural supply of silver-rich water deep in the earth. Now it flows through our daily life, offering us the freshness, ritual, balm, clarity and well-being that we would like to share with consumers” –

Lisa & Kerry

Hawthbush Farm is a 140-acre organic farm in the heart of East Sussex. The farm works with Natural England under the Higher-Level Stewardship scheme to protect rich meadows, ancient woodlands and enhance birdlife and butterflies. Added to that, recently the farm is now working with the charity Plant Life to restore its ancient hedgerows (according to the farm’s historic maps) to support more wildlife and provide raw botanical ingredients for AMLY’s award-winning line.

Sustainability is key, to literally everything they do on the farm including providing their own water from our spring and much of the electricity usage is provided by the 15Kw solar array. All the surrounding cottages and houses are heated using a central biomass boiler.

The farm uses spring water source, drawn from 100ft below the organic land, to provide water for everything on the farm. From drinking water and bathing water for the house, holiday lets and glamping to irrigation of their vegetables and drink for the cattle and other animals as well as the hot tubs for cottages and glamping.

Within the brand, products fit within distinct collections Detox, Sleep, and Radiance. Each collection has very specific ingredients targeted at specialist needs. Find everything from face mists to face oils, serums, sleep marks and cleaning balms all produced to organic standards.

AMLY is a holistic skincare company. Not just utilising but also harnessing the health and beauty giving properties of nature, many of the plants used thrive in their own fertile fields, abundant hedgerows, and flower-filled meadows.

And the apple cider? A bio-fermented apple cider vinegar, which is brimming with amino acids and antioxidants that serve to hydrate, soften and nourish the skin. And of course this is not just something they make at the farm, but the apples come from their own trees. So this is a product that sums up so well what the brand really stands for

As for the two new Facial Essence

Meadow Dew Bio-Fermented Facial Essence is best used in the day; apply a few drops pressed on to a cleaned face

An earthy, floral scent with fresh and uplifting notes. This essence contains 7 botanicals: Aloe Vera, Rose Otto, Chamomile, Jasmine Flower, Linden Blossom, Frankincense and Neroli Orange Flower.

The concentrated formula helps to dissolve dead skin cells, delay the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate circulation. British native, marvellous mallow is known as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and soothes dry or rough skin, while Hyaluronic Acid promotes plump, firm skin and replenishes moisture. Copper Peptides aid collagen production and contribute towards a youthful complexion.

Nocturnal Nectar Bio-Fermented Facial Essence for use at night on cleansed face pres a few drops on to the skin

A soft, dreamy scent with powdery notes. This essence contains 11 botanicals: Aloe Vera, Linden Flower, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Clary Sage, Valerian, Chamomile, Frankincense, Benzoin and Rock Rose.

This concentrated formula helps to dissolve dead skin cells, delay the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate circulation. Healing honey is known for its tissue-regenerating, clarifying and moisturising properties, making it the perfect partner with youth-enhancing Snow Algae that helps to heighten cellular defenses and repair. Sleep-improving Valerian and free-radical fighting Green Tea also make their mark in this mighty mix.

So should you be really interested in helping yourself at the same time you aid the countryside and help to heal our world then Amly is your new go-to brand. Recently added into the Jigsaw store The Shope at Bluebird in London Covent garden or buy online from their own store.

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