Bourgeoisie; Authentic Beauty

By Jo Phillips

In a world of products, consumers have a ton of choices; far more than ever before. Among the infinite choices, one thing that jumps out for these shoppers is the ideal of Authenticity.

The very idea that a company has a long history gives a sense of comfort, a sense that it must be a good brand. If it has heritage, in much simpler words, the brand has authenticity.

This heritage is often what allows companies that may have faded from the limelight to be re-bought, re-packaged and presented to a new modern market. Think of all those designer labels we see on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London, and New York – labels that have been rescued, re-loved, and brought up to date for the modern-day.

Time to re-meet, then, a beautiful French company,, which was initially founded in 1877. Cosmydor specialised in creating premium soaps and Eaux de toilette. With its products combined with stunning packaging made by artists and illustrators famous in their day, the brand was successful for almost a century, even going so far as to win prizes at the Universal Exhibitions in Paris in 1889 and 1900.

Due to a succession crisis, Cosmydor disappeared in the late 1960s, but in 2015 was lovingly revived by a French entrepreneur fascinated by heritage brands who also happens to be naturopathy-love. Initially struck by the brand’s incredible aesthetic, original personality, and deep botanical roots. They decided to bring it back to life through exceptionally high-quality cosmetics in line with the public’s new expectations for naturalness and authenticity. 

Xavier Quattrocchi-Oubradous the (re) founder spent a full year researching the best way to re-manufacture products in a 100% artisanal manner, using aromatherapy-inspired natural components and minimising environmental impact, therefore building on the true heritage of the brand’s origins.

The scents and textures come solely from the active natural components used in the formulas: vegetable oils and essential oils produced from organic farming or harvested plants using completely manual and gentle production processes, such as cold-pressed extraction and cold-process soap-making, preserve the incredible benefits of natural raw materials. It is this extra layer of commitment that lifts this brand above and beyond so many others who supply constant lip service on ‘green’ initiatives.

Cosmydor also has a strict “no-plastic” policy, instead using glass, opaline glass, and aluminium. Even cardboard packaging is reduced to a strict minimum. Priority is also given to local production, minimising the effect of transport on their carbon footprint.

So, the brand has a 360-degree take on their responsibility but also a history of responding honestly to what consumers really want: brands that don’t damage but do heal.

And finally, what do they offer? Let’s start with the Organic intense skincare face creams; designed to increase hydration and replenish the moisture of the skin to optimal levels, and reinforced with ultra-concentrated active ingredients for specific needs.

Organic essential care face and hand creams; coming in stunning metal tubes, the creams are deeply moisturizing. Hydrating formula combined with one plant-derived active natural components gives a powerful effect and aroma.

Organic face serums; a unifying serum and an eye contour serum are formulated to meet the specific needs of your face’s skin thanks to their ultra concentration in active natural ingredients, as well as to prepare your skin and enhance the treatments and moisturizers that follow.

Organic petit balms; ideal for your face, body and hand skin, the Petit Baume range is perfect to slip in your bag and features a new whipped cream-like (naturally obtained) texture.

Organic precious liquid soaps; liquid soaps, with a dense texture and rich in organic essential oils. Designed as skincare products, they nourish, soothe, and protect your face and hands’ skin on a daily basis.

And lastly, the again stunningly wrapped organic cold-pressed solid soap, naturally hydrating cold-processed solid soaps for the body and face.

Cosmydor makes highly efficient organic-certified creams, balms, serums and soaps for your face, lips, hands and body skin. All the skincare’s formulas are based on modern botanical and aromatherapy principles, and are handcrafted and responsibly packaged in France.

Men and women alike who seek a credible alternative and demand exemplary ingredients, exemplary artisanal manufacturing processes, credible organic labelling, and packaging with minimal impact on the environment, can find it with Cosmydor’s fresh, simple and healthy products.

If you are ready for an authentic beauty experience, then here it is.

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