Happy Scalp is Happy Hair

By Ariba Bashir

That moment when you really want to swish your hair around on the dancefloor but dandruff worry takes over, we know there are some things that stand in the way of a great hair day, but sometimes a simple product can really help, find out more in happy Scalp is Happy Hair.

Twirling on the dancefloor letting your hair down whilst disco music blares out of the giant speaker, you feel free, but do you? Do you feel confident that your dandruff won’t be exposed?

What about the best black cashmere jumper dress, all sleek and sexy, but not all black anymore because dandruff won’t just go.

Or more, like getting close to your lover? who doesn’t love to snuggle up close and personal to the one they love, but what if your dandruff gets in the way?

New products from BOUCLEME help in all these stressful situations to ensure your hair is dandruff free and fresh so you never have to think twice about your freedom to dance, cuddle or wear any coloured clothing.

Dry scalp serum

A great product for dehydrated scalps can be dry scalp serum, add it into your cleanser or shampoo to give your scalp relief from redness, irritation and dryness, for good calm scalp and roots.

But what about those days when you have an important meeting or a hot date and need clean hair but there is just no time to spend washing and treating your hair? An excellent quick fix can be the new dry shampoo.

Foaming dry shampoo

It’s a perfect solution to be tension free, a vegan foaming dry shampoo can be your best friend by making your hair look fresh between the washes on cold days, while keeping your scalp oil-free and providing a lift to roots, giving more volume.


Boucleme is a British sustainable brand, manufacturing products specifically for all types of curly hair that are made with vegan ingredients.

What makes the brand differnt from others?

Nourishing curly hair that brand doesn’t use chemicals like silicone and parabens that can be absorbed into natural moisture from hair, therefore, drying it out. All the ingredients are biodegradable and the packings of the products are recyclable.

Via these new products experience undamaged, bouncy nourished curly hair. Life is too short, there is too much to go out and enjoy, so don’t be worried about bad hair days, go swirl and twirl on the dancefloor and wear whatever you want. Be confident in your every moment knowing your hair is confident too.

find out more information at boucleme.co.uk.

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