Depth, Honesty, and Intelligence of the Colour Indigo

By Julia Mantooth

A flash of colour can hold a million different meanings. A purple stripe can indicate a sense of dignity, class, or elegance. We associate the colours in the world around us with the innately human feelings and themes that we experience. Read more in Depth, Honesty, and Intelligence of the Colour Indigo

Utilizing colour to create deeper meaning in our lives is certainly nothing new. Colour symbolism is present in nearly all of our most ancient texts, artworks, and media. From the white dove to the juicy red apple, the hues and shades of our natural world can be interpreted in millions of different ways.

Indigo has been used to symbolize the ideas of sincerity, wisdom, and intuition. Its deep blue hue conveys a great inventory of intelligence hidden underneath it. The colour is also extremely spiritual as it is often associated with the third eye or “seeing” chakra in Hindu tradition. A rich mix of deep blues and purples, the colour is lively and active.

Although colour association is often linked to femininity, there is masculinity in this practice as well. With shades of deep, woody browns or dark blues, the essence of masculinity can be expressed.

Lalique’s newest men’s fragrance Encre Indigo, or Indigo Ink, brings this colour to life in a brand new way. The brand describes this scent as being made for a man who “thrives on living life in motion”, hinting at the fluid nature of the shade its based around. The bottle itself is designed with a smooth gradient transitioning from a rich, deep blue on top to an iridescent sheen on the bottom half.

Crafted by Annick Menardo, this scent for men is aromatic and vibrant. The top notes are juniper berry, pink pepper and bergamot; middle notes are black tea, saffron and bay leaf; and base notes are Madagascar vetiver, patchouli and ambergris.

Image Lalique

The Maison Lalique was first established in Paris by founder René Lalique. His first set of projects was in the world of jewellery making, where he became an independent designer of jewellery and glasswork.

The brand’s emergence into perfumery occurred in 1907 when Lalique grabbed the attention of perfumer François Coty with his works of glass. This collaboration marked the very beginning of Lalique’s fragrance empire.

This newest addition to their portfolio, Encre Indigo, serves as an exciting sequel to a previous scent, Encre Noire. This scent embodies black in its totality, from the dark glass of the bottle to the fragrance itself. The collection has also been joined by Encre Noire L’Extrême and Encre Noire Sport. All fragrances in this series are ultra masculine in scent and look. The Encre series is inspired by an iconic inkwell used by René Lalique, inspiration which can be seen in the bottle designs.

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