Bourgeoisie; Lovely Lips

By Julie Jacobs

I feel very ‘bourgie’ – in a good way – wearing lipliner although they once had a negative reputation with me and I blame 90’s girl groups.  I hardly ever used lipliners, I could count the number of times on one hand I opened the liner bag in my kit (though I always made sure I carried a good selection for those ‘just in case’ moments) and even though I knew the benefits of wearing a liner — reducing bleeding ( lipstick seeping through fine lines on the edges of your lip); aiding lipstick to last longer; intensifying the lipstick colour and defining the lip shape – I simply felt they were too finicky to bother with and I could get a very good line with just a lipstick but as my work has evolved again recently I kind of like using them these days.

The aforementioned benefit of defining the lip shape is why I’m loving using liners more so now than ever.  I’m seeing the beauty of enhancing/altering/defining the cupids bow, the corners of the bottom lip – “why the bottom lip?” you may ask; I don’t know, it’s something I intuitively do. May be it’s because the lower edge is not as naturally sharp as the upper lip?  – I used to painstakingly draw a perfect symmetrical line all around the lip like a halo (circa 90s girl pop group) and then apply the lipstick having to be extra careful not to disturb the line…oh the drama! Maybe this why I shied away from lip liners? 

The range of colours is so extensive now you’re bound to find any colour in varying shades. So now I apply lipstick first then go in with a slightly deeper shade of pencil colouring in the lips two to three millimetres in from the edges so theres no trace of a line.  If only I knew then what I know now!

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