BULK: Sensory experience

By Shannon Brien

Who wants ordinary when they can have extraordinary?

Cocktails are no longer mixed spirits served in a glass, but a sensory experience.

From the weird, ‘Bacon and Egg’ cocktail with bacon infused Jack Daniels to the weirder, ‘Slaughter’ made with genuine pigs blood, we want our taste buds to be blown away. But we aren’t just after a taste sensation. More and more it has become about the presentation, from the use of fire and liquid nitrogen, to presenting the ‘Holy Smoke’ in a hollowed out bible.

Holy Smoke

We have become a society that expects more. More flavour, more impact and constant re-invention. We have pushed the envelope with using savoury flavours to make old favourites and have ended up with a ‘Chocolate and Blue Cheese Martini’.

It is a trend that doesn’t limit itself to the cocktail world.

Sodastream have partnered with chef Paul Liebrandt, famous for his eccentric culinary style, to create a new range of flavours. Like all of Liebrandt’s endeavours, it’s not merely about the flavours but rather the experience they can create. For him the Green Apple and Cucumber flavour is reminiscent of a summer’s day in an English Garden.

photo by Evan Sung

Liebrandt shares his memories of herbs, flowers and fruits to ‘make water exciting’ and in partnership with Sodastream, reach a new community of food enthusiasts.


Photo credits: Diffords Guide, Evan Sung

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