Clash: Dare to Slipper by Kiran Karani

By Jo Phillips

The creative Georgina Goodman has launched her new GG Slipper Collection; a true clash between the comfort of home and the style of a glamour chic. Who said you have to sacrifice style for comfort? Not Georgina Goodman, as she brings you the best of both world’s this S/S 16…

GGs PreSS16Black and Blue splash and stripe-2

Slippers are a guilty secret of mine…
However, I don’t like those big ugly furry animal ones and I don’t want to be trotting around in heels when no one is looking. So I came up with the idea of creating a slipper that you can wear outside as well – it just felt right.

GG’s are the indoor shoe that can be worn outside. Let’s face it; we all want to wear slippers to the supermarket sometimes (or have by accident). These have all the in-built comfort of cosy bedroom footwear, but the styling of a classic Moroccan babouche, with a difference. Unlike their traditional roots, this re-invented slip-on has a hidden wedge and extra foot bed comfort fillers.
Each season I will add a few more materials and variation but the styles will stay the same. GG’s are a long-term footwear relationship, not a one-night-stand. Of course, shoes that you love do wear out through excessive use, so I wanted to create a style that wasn’t about a fashion purchase, but more a lifestyle decision. It’s ok to look like you’re comfortable – without choosing an orthopedic shoe or a furry boot. And we’ve all got ‘those boots’. The materials I’ve chosen do include my classic metallic foil stripes and I think that anything metallic elevates its user appeal…can be worn as a dressed up way, or even an at home evening moment.

I wanted to create a shoe that most people can afford, or aspire to at £120 they are an affordable luxury, guilt free shoes…wear your slippers all day…and yes like me, they are glamorous in a non obvious way. These shoes are more of Margot from The Good Life…and not May West…


Georgina Goodman PreSS1

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