Collaborative Genius

By Bella Pallett

Nothing is better than falling in love with a new product, but who doesn’t want to get twice as much? When brands collaborate, they are able to connect two creative minds in harmony for you to enjoy.

Collaborations are everywhere. There has been a big boom in recent years for one simple reason; they are exciting. Through unveiling a new realm of possibilities for product design, collaborations open up a whole breadth of possibilities for us to explore. 

Stepping into the world of New York with DKNY x Jeremyville, the limited edition unisex capsule collection contains the feeling of dancing on the pavement under neon signs and skyscrapers whilst listening to vibrant jazz music in the hustle of the city where people work hard and play harder.

The quirky reinterpretation of DKNY’s hometown reflects the optimism of a New York renaissance whilst capturing the feeling of creative energy. If you want to feel as though you are in the centre of the big city surrounded by creative dreamers who cherish their busy lifestyles, this is the collection for you.

Or alternatively, take an adventure into a collaboration where Manhatten prep meets Brooklyn Street with Tommy Hilfiger and Romeo Hunte.

By bringing new life to the old, the TommyxRomeo collection is perfect if you want a look that is familiar yet completely new all at once. By reworking bold primary colours inspired by the New York City Subway map, the collection is bold and makes a statement.

By creating a unique playfulness within the collection that sparks humour and joy whilst celebrating both brand’s values, this collection is one to be remembered.

Fancy some function-minded fashion? Look no further as Macintosh has just released their latest collaboration with A-COLD-WALL*.

Rooted in innovation, A-COLD-WALL* Crafted By Macintosh, the capsule collection explores new modes of protection, designed to meet challenges created by the variable environment so that you are ready for all types of British weather and climates. Designed using architectural thinking, the collection works as a harmonised whole.

Including features such as a water-repellent finish, fully taped internal
seams for a further level of defence, and welt rivet pockets for extra discreet storage, this collection is designed to make sure that you are prepared for anything. A statement of intent from two wholly British brands rooted in a human-centred approach to clothing.

Collaborations are now not only taking place in fashion but music too. When musicians and artists work together they have the opportunity to engage the audience not only through visuals or sounds but through an experience that engages multiple senses and captures the eyes and ears of the consumer creating an opportunity to work in sync.

MTB x RDN has released a limited vinyl run of MTB’s previously digital-only ‘Pure Heart’ EP release, creating a deeper level of immersion. Containing a vinyl exclusive track, ‘Collide’, and new silk screen printed artwork, the collaboration combines the celebration of art and music, meshing them together in harmony.

No matter what you want, there is a collaboration for everyone whether that’s feeling like you are strolling through New York, being as bold as the NYC Subway map, braving the British weather or simply enjoying an exclusive track deepened by beautifully crafted artwork.

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